A sound healing with me is really like a journey into Self and, simultaneously, out into the cosmos. I also am journeying while facilitating the healing.  I want to sing to your heart and soothe your soul. 

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At Tabulam with Jason 


To all the most spiritually evolved societies and cultures our planet has seen, sonic vibration was and is known as the fundamental creative force in the universe. Sound healing is a sacred science and has been used by ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, India, Peru, Africa and within other advanced groups: the indigenous and first peoples the world over.

From its roots as a shamanic medicinal art, sound healing has moved and expanded into a myriad of forms and modalities, from tuning forks, toning and overtoning, using music therapeutically, cymatics, bio-acoustics etc.

We know that sound has the ability to move and change molecular structure. We also know that every object is in a state of vibration and therefore creates sound with that vibration. All your physical organs and your chakras are vibrating at a certain frequency and whether or not they are in a state of health denotes the particular frequency they are vibrating at. Together we can use sound to shift the frequency of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.


Visualization + Vocalization = Manifestation

My intention to help others and my HUGE love for the human race and my massive hope and knowing for what we can achieve is probably my magic ingredient and what makes me an effective healer. LOVE IS ENOUGH, as I am reminded time and time again, and with love and a common purpose, we can move mountains.


I start the session with a conversation to gain understanding with what is happening for you and what you’d like to achieve or change. Once you are lying on the table, I use a number of different techniques with my voice and which ones I use to treat you really depends on who you are and what you have on your plate. It could be any of the following:

  • Matching irregular frequencies within the body to diffuse or ‘bleed’ them out of the bodies.
  • Sensing the correct frequencies for particular organs/chakras and championing that tone.
  • Calling in displaced parts of the soul, or soul ‘retrieval’.
  • Channelling in messages for you from beings outside of myself, usually nature spirits, ancestors or beings from other parts of the universe.
  • Ridding your space and body of negative entities.
  • Cleaning your field from improper use of plant medicines, street drugs, pharmaceuticals.
  • Strengthening connection to Earth by boosting Earth Star chakra.