Empathic Communication is a way for people to feel truly understood for the journeys they have walked and have their unresolved pains and traumas dissolve through understanding. Our unresolved dramas have us triggered into negative reactions, re-creating energetic patterns and situations that keep us from our full power and keep the planet in a state of defence, limitation, fear and lethargy.
My intention is that you get on with what you are truly meant to be doing in life.  We are all here for something great, we all have huge purpose in love and other areas. But while we are still carrying our ‘stuff’ around, we are affecting our whole family/society/universe with unfinished business.

There’s not a lot of real listening going on on our planet. Most people are so full-up of their own issues, mindsets and judgements that they can’t really hear you without having their own running commentary go on in their brains. They can hardly resist the urge to advise you or put their own two cents worth in. This is not listening and it is not healing.

What I offer is a vacuum, in fact. I can give you space so that your deepest feelings can be unearthed and released safely. I am not interested in telling you anything, as your own truths and answers will come in the moments of feeling understood and listened to.

This technique of communication, listening and nurturing is highly efficient, safe and the results are immediate. I have witnessed countless instances of pure magic using Empathic Communication to have my fellow humans finally shed the emotional energetic patterns they have been carrying for so long.

I love you and I want to listen to you and have you go free. x