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Wondrous MEN.

Every experience of relating with man has brought me incredible richness. Joy, ecstasy, pain. Contentment, great learning, experience invaluable and wisdom. It would seem that herein is my training ground, like so many of us.

Whilst I was in Peru this last trip, I experienced the most powerful healing underneath Apu Pitusiray. In my sleep! Nothing to do but to wake up and feel healed of lifetimes of limited patterning. I am deeply humbled by the generosity of the healing that those mountains afford me, and so many others, constantly. I had gone to sleep with pain in my heart and had awoken with the absolute certainty that I have all the love in my heart that I could ever desire. That I am an ever-radiating Source of Love & Spirit. And I felt this to be true in a way that I had not before. The game had changed forever. Hayaya!

From that moment on, until this moment, the dynamic between me and the masculine has been completely changed. I walked forward into my Life from that healing under the mountain and magnetised incredibly pure and powerful connections with men that served to fill me with honour, acknowledgement, respect and friendship. And more importantly, with divine, sweet, noble, honourable, exciting, awesome LOVE. Yes thank you very much please!

I write this piece to honour those men and to honour that chapter. But I feel to do it with less writing and more pictures and poetry, if you don’t mind. I just don’t think I can do my experiences, my gratitude and wonder justice with sentences. Muchas gracias!

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Our camp, higher than high.


Far-reaching skies all filled with peaks

Do part with rainbows, Apus speak

Inaudibly and unassuming,

Unexpected cosmic choosing

Delivering me an earthly musing.

And amused I am, amorous and giddy,

These heights that have me pure and pretty

Do witness silent silver thunder

That peals within and now I understand

These cosmic doors, all green and blue

That beckon and sing with mountain hues

Of reverent paths walked by so few,

And yet by you.

Our footsteps choose

The higher way, I honour your dance

And with deepest breaths it becomes romance.

So I welcome such gifts with both of my hands

For things work in twos..

And you seem to be

With perfect chance,

My mountain muse.




Excerpt from Kaypacha

We meet in the Blue Night, my Lord of Love,

On the highest peak.

We meet in the healing waters

And on the Rainbow bridge

‘Tween here and fabled cities.

Oh most simple and natural Love,

You’ve become the most prized.

This unexpected choice of God’s purpose

Is now the one I’ve always known.

The symphony we hear of exotic frequencies,

From unique Sources

Was always our birthsong and rite.

And I celebrate this gift

With all my Fire and all my Honey,

Now naming myself Black Wing Q’ente

As I have found the sweetest of all flowers,

The Whitest Rose that sings the sacred songs.

And I have taken most generously

This cosmic nectar of Yanantin,

Filled my crystal cup enough

That I may never need  know Love again.

I have drunk delicious of my High Dreams with you,

Apu of mine.

The Forever Dreaming,

Of True Union of Voice, Vision and Body,

And of Love for the children.

For the Galaxies of Giving we have shared,

Witnessed by the High Brothers

Of the most Sacred Valley.

photo 5


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Forever grateful to Great Spirit for allowing this heart to experience such tremendous beauty in one Life. Hayaya!


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