MELBOURNE – Saturday February 11th

BYRON BAY – Saturday March 4th


“Fire Mane’s ability to present sound healing to a group of people is outstanding. She facilitates with such rock solid certainty, embodied passion, and real humility that everyone in the room is swept away into her infectious knowing that we can all achieve our greatness.  Sound is automatically a deeply personal and intimate experience. As we sing we feel it’s vibration in our lungs, the familiar colour and sound we have known everyday since our birth. But Fire Mane shows us that our own voices are so much more than that, they are powerful and sacred gateways for magic.  She reminds us that we inhabit an incredible and largely undiscovered universe and that our immediate senses are only a part of the truly spiritual human experience. This work is both so old and so new, particularly to us in the west, we feel as if we are riding the frontier of sound healing together. And the truth is, we are. This is one of those special experiences I would recommend to anyone, a true mountain in the landscape of our experience. Not at all just for those who are interested in the voice or working in the healing world, this is truly for everyone and anyone who wants more out of their life. The incredible depths that people consistently reach in themselves during her workshops says it all. Thank you Fire Mane, thank you for all that you give.”

Nicholas Payne, Sydney workshop, September 2012

“The most transformative, deeply lasting and connected healing I have ever done. My truth is now born out of an utmost clarity that I had difficulty accessing before or even understanding prior to the workshop. Amazingly powerful.”
– Katrina Woodland, Brisbane workshop, September 2012
“Beautiful, soulful, intense and liberating – these are the words that come to mind for me when describing Fire Mane’s Sound Healing workshop in Cusco, Peru. In reading the testimonials I was not getting a strong feel for what the workshop itself would be like, just that it would be wonderful and I went on my intuition to join. Now I know why!! This is an experiential “hands-on” workshop that is very hard to describe! It is about learning to set yourself free through the use of sound and voice. Fire Mane sets up a very safe and encouraging environment for self-exploration. I could have never imagined that I could go to the depths that I went to in this workshop – I didn’t even know what came out was within me!! You don’t need to have a “good” voice to do this work, though Fire Mane does also teach some technique for those interested. This is more a profound inner exploration and opportunity to set yourself free – absolutely phenomenal! Fire Mane, you are a light in this world – thank you!”
– Lisa McClendon Sims, Cusco workshop, November 2012
“Through this workshop not only did I unearth a belief of mine that I wasn’t aware of having but sound made me have a completely different understanding and a new way of relating to my body. During toning I could feel the shape of my internal organs and feel the inside of my bones. It was so intimate and surprising. I became sure that the sound of one’s own voice can heal one’s own body and psyche.”
– Esra Banguoglu, Kaua’i workshop, Hawai’i, January 2013

“I knew from the first time Fire Mane contacted me through email that I would be meeting a very powerful and loving healer.  It’s been over a week since the sound healing, and I am still going through such a profound transformational process.  She has this amazing ability to give everyone in the room so much of her loving attention and presence, guiding you and empowering you through some incredible energetic releases.  Her nurturing energy helped my body to relax and access some very deep emotions.  It was during one of the practices where I was sounding and releasing, and soon I felt Fire Mane by my side encouraging me to go deeper.  I went so deep I had a shamanic rebirthing!  The only other time I experienced such a release was during a sacred ceremony when I took some very power medicine.  To know that I can now access the same intense healing through sound alone is remarkable!  I am in so much gratitude for Fire Mane coming into my life at such a perfect time.  She was the perfect reflection I needed to see my own potential as a sound healer.   Thank you so much Fire Mane.  May our paths cross again soon! Love.”


– Ixchel Lovejoy, Maui workshop, Hawaii, January 2013


“I came to your work shop in hopes of finding my physical and spiritual voice, and strength for saying the things that I know to be true from a deep connection with source. Not only was I able to work out some deeply held emotional patterns (some of which I am not consciously aware of where they came from), but I have also been able to speak my truth more readily. I have seen so much movement and growth in my life. Not only has the change happen for me, but I also see it filtering into the lives of those around me. I am able to make appropriate decisions for my circumstances, and am able to speak my truth without damaging others. I also have found how sound healing fits into the healing work I already practice. I so wish that all the world could experience sound healing even if it was for just one day. We would see so much change. Thank you so much for your love and passion for this work. Keep spreading the beautiful healing vibrations of your sound! ”

– Miyah Buchanan, Maui workshop, Hawai’i, January 2013


“Participating in Fire Mane’s Sound Healing workshop while on a New Years retreat in Hawai’i was an experience unlike any other. Her voice had the power to shed light on things tucked away in the deepest recesses of my being…and then it helped me to release them. I never thought I’d find myself yelling and shouting and howling and chanting and grunting, expressing the most primal parts of me that I hadn’t even been consciously aware of. In only an hour and a half, I had reconnected to my truest Self. I had never felt that before, and it was wonderfully, beautifully overwhelming. I felt the wisdom of the ages flowing through me, shaped by my pure intent to help heal the Earth and Her people. I felt the rush of Spirit within me, channeling through the body that is my vessel. I wasn’t afraid. Not even when I opened my eyes and found that I couldn’t move my hands. They were limp at my sides, curled and crippled; useless. I could still move my arms, but fine motor control was beyond me at that point. And then the tears came. Not because I wasn’t in full control of my limbs, but because I was so happy to be experiencing my true Self, after what felt like an eternity. My logic reminded me that I was still only seventeen, but intuitively I realised that I am in fact infinitely old. I needed to go outside, to feel the Earth beneath my bare feet. Fire Mane was wonderful in going about helping me through my experience, making sweet lulling noises that helped me release my tears further. She helped me outside, and together we laughed and rejoiced at the wonder of Life and the jungle environment around us. I was beginning to regain feeling in my hands, and I found myself crying more, for I knew that the intensity of joy and life that I felt then would soon fade again, and I would again be “just Monika”. I was mourning this inevitable truth, though not once did I feel the grip of fear. Fire Mane assured me that I will always have this memory within me from now on, and that it will be my precious treasure. She was right. My new-found knowledge and recognition of my Self as a multidimensional being has been guiding me towards greater Love, Light and Service ever since. And this is all thanks to the power of Sound that Fire Mane helped me to evoke in that workshop. I am eternally thankful for this blessing, and to Fire Mane for being who she is and doing what she does. I will even go as far as saying that being involved in her workshop has changed my life, for I am indeed a different person to who I was before. A better person. I know who I am now, and that is the greatest gift of all.”

–  Monika Hricko, Big Island NYE intensive, Hawai’i, January 2013


“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for an amazing workshop! Thank you for the safe space, permission and encouragement to express and let go. I felt so alive and it was exactly what I needed! May the Divine Mother fill your life with love and abundance and blessings to the important work you are doing for humanity.”

Liza-Marie Karshagen, Cusco workshop, November 2012

“What a great experience!!! I’m feeling a renewed sense of empowerment. Your workshop allowed me to release in a way I have not been able to before. Using my voice to do so has given me the opportunity to take another step forward. Although my voice has not fully returned I know that when it does I will be able to sing out as never before. I am forever grateful…”

– David Angel Moore, Cusco workshop, November 2012

“Attending the sound healing workshop with Fire Mane was one of the most profound gifts I have ever given myself. Every part of it brought me deeper within, and her calm, joyful presence creates the safest and most sacred of spaces. During the emotional expression through sound, I found myself in a distantly familiar territory. Tribal yells came through me with the force of a thousand chiefs. A thousand warriors. A thousand elders. A thousand medicine men and women. I reached a freedom and power in my voice that I have only dreamed of experiencing. My range became at least an octave higher than I am normally capable of, and with every breath I seemed to further unlock the doorways within. As I continued moving and sounding, my body shook and trembled with the release of hundreds of years of trauma, war and oppression. I felt the native spirit within me. I felt the grandmother within. The shaman. The medicine woman. The crone. She sung through me in the way that I have always dreamed of singing – with a passion, freedom and power that I have longed for all my life.

After the release, I was moving more into smoother, lower, more flowing sounds. Deep into the dark. As the musical pitch began to rise into higher and higher frequencies, I again felt pressure building from within. Although the origin was unknown and that knowledge unnecessary, my catalyst held the space for me to access what was calling to be expressed and released. As Fire Mane chanted and sang to me in primal channeled language I began to heave and cough out the sounds. I’m on my knees bowing forward with my hands and forehead on the earth. “Let it out!” she whispers in my ear, “For every woman ever, let it out!” and I scream with a primitive rawness that I have never felt before. The sound ringing from the depths of my being; from the depths of all beings. Unhindered. Unpolished. Unleashed.To say the least, the entire experience was life changing. Empowering. Freeing. A healing of the disconnects within me and within the collective. A shamanic journey to transform and heal the traumatic past of our native ancestral tribes. An expansion of my healing practice in all ways. A cultivation of deep, deep intimacy with my voice and with the power, magic and sacredness of sound.I am forever grateful to you, Fire Mane. Thank you for spreading your light. Thank you for sharing your medicine. Thank you for embodying the your highest, wisest, most Divine self. Thank you for living your life’s purpose. In doing so you give all those who you touch permission to do the same. I am sincerely humbled and grateful to have been affected. Blessings and Love ♥.”
– Meredith Shippam, Cusco workshop, November 2012

“Fire Mane!! I have no proper words to describe what changed in me yesterday!!  I am so blessed to have come across your amazing Sacred Sound workshop! I keep feeling all the bliss that you have allowed me to feel free to create, and I still can’t believe that I have created that with my own voice!!! I have now a permanent smile on my face, and by feeling so much lighter I can actually feel life, vital energy, chi or whatever it is called running through my body!! I am so grateful that you are doing what you are meant to do!!  I am sure I have released things since childhood till now, especially feelings from a very traumatic labour!! I still can’t believe it!!  Yes I have the power to change, and I no longer have to be afraid of it!! Thanks thanks thanks and bless you!!”

Traudy Gerhard, Sydney workshop, September 2012

“I am unable to put in words how much today meant to me. But to say thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us all it was a true blessing to experience all that you are and to allow me to see you. I want to thank you form my heart and soul for creating a space safe enough for me and others to find their voice. I have been closed off to experiences like today, but today has brought breath back to my fire, it is burning bright this evening.”

Deborah Jamieson, Sydney workshop, September 2012

“Fire Mane, there was so much I loved about the workshop that it’s hard to put into words. I loved how welcomed and safe I felt when I arrived. I loved the beautiful sacred space you had created for us. I loved how you shared your story of your journey. It touched my heart and moved me deeply. I loved how you led by example, being vunerable and encouraging and supporting us to be vunerable to. I loved your confidence and the way you wanted everyone’s experience to be the greatest possible for them. Each process I experienced was profound and deeply felt. I heard my soul singing to Mother Earth and for this too, I thank you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful connection to this planet and Mother Earth. I feel truly grateful to everyone who was there and send my love to you all. It was a very very special day and am already looking forward to seeing and hearing you again.”

Jocelyn Hansen, Melbourne workshop, August 2012

“Fire Mane, I wanted to congratulate you and say how impressed I was with your Transmute Workshop that you ran in Byron Bay on Saturday 21st July. I found the whole day to be totally awesome and inspiring, the processes that you used for the day for people to open and share their voices with sound were compelling. I found myself releasing and going to places with my own voice that I didn’t think I would be able to. These exercises were simple techniques but totally freeing. As a Facilitator I found you held the space very well for everyone, especially for those who needed to shift, you were open and encouraging with what was shared and no-one was left out. Your sound work is very shamanic in it’s process as it allows people to connect and heal with the resonance of their voice. Blessings Fire Mane, for all that you bring to share. I would highly recommend your sound work to everyone and especially those who are seeking to find their own voice again for healing.”

Peter Bowden of Shamanic Earth Medicine, Byron Bay workshop, July 2012

“Thanks so much for the fantastic workshop!! I felt so much shift, and leave me. Have never released that much in a workshop before, and feel so honoured that you held the space for that to happen. Have heaps more energy since then, am inspired to start singing again, and about my future paths.”

Naomi Callander, Melbourne workshop, August 2012

“I was completely unprepared for what I experienced during your Transmute Worshop. Travelling the dark depths and radiant truths of my soul experience, with the guidance of the ancient being you embody, was a powerful journey on the eve of my birthday. Discovering that even grief will sound beautiful when expressed in truth for the core of my being, was so very empowering to me. You are doing very beautiful and important work in the world Fire Mane, and yet you remain completely real and grounded as a simply awesome woman. Thankyou!”
Tia Melody, Byron Bay workshop, July 2012.

“The workshop Fire Mane has created is a very special journey, it was a deep day of discovery in self-expression for all helping us to release the beast within. It was so powerful exploring the voice with the brothers and sisters and honouring the song that lives within us all as we step into the sound of the golden octave. Thank you so much Fire Mane, you ancient light being.”

Lucia Swift, Melbourne workshop, August 2012

“Thank you! The day with you exploring existence in sound and all that you gave us and shared between us all was such a big gift for me. The next day I noticed even when I talked at work my voice and my presence in my voice and confidence felt so opened and natural…wow a long time I have wanted to feel this freedom! I have been singing alot since then and I am amazed at how I feel to sing! Thank you, thank you Fire Mane. I felt so cared for and inspired and safe and delighted in your guidance. This is so your gift!”

– Tara Hudson, Byron Bay workshop, July 2012

“I had such a lovely time at your sound healing workshop. I am so touched by the grace that moved through me as a result of your ability to hold such a magnificent and empowering space. I am utterly grateful that you have chosen to fulfil your life purpose and share unconditionally the love that moves through you in song. Thank you so much for an incredible workshop. My life has been profoundly moved! You are a catalyst for me to fully live in my power!!”

– Jhana Bowen, Byron Bay workshop, July 2012

“Wow!! Thank you for such an incredible, heart opening, authentic day!  So wonderful to be in such a beautiful safe space with lots of beautiful shiny divine beings sounding their truth!! What a big day.  So much gratitude to You, and the lovely Ioa too, for holding space with your highest of intentions and integrity and HEART… Yay for us all!!”

– Danni Noad, Byron Bay workshop, July 2012

“Over the last year, I’ve been going to a lot of workshops and attending so many different healing modalities in Central America, Bali and India and now here in Australia and I have to say that your workshop was truly very special, unique and powerful with such an immediate result. So I just wanted to thank you once again for sharing that with us and encourage you to keep up the amazing work. ”

Kristy Ambat, Byron Bay workshop, July 2012

“I learnt so much today about grounding my confidence and trusting that I am supported in the universe. Thank you so much for creating that space and being so free in your expression. You are all ways appropriate. Your gift is the empowerment of others. All together we heal our world. You rock sista!”

– Brigid Prain, Byron Bay workshop, July 2012

“The transformation that began to shake through sweet sounds and gutteral growls loosened 10 years of an intense trauma to deliver me at the baseline of the person I remembered. An inspired workshop that lovingly delivered me into the arms of our humanness. With gulps and squeals, faith, trust and healing had begun again.”

– Grania Sexton, Byron Bay workshop, July 2012

“A truly sacred sonic journey!!!!! Thanks so much to you, Fire Mane, you are such a natural and it was so wonderful and inspiring to see you in your power, exactly where you are meant to be. What a pleasure to be in the company of a group of courageous, heart felt people. Love our collective brilliance!!!! Looking forward to the next time. With love and gratitude.”

Louise Taylor, Sydney workshop, July 2012

“What an absolutely magical experience yesterday was. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and will never forget the journey you led us through. Thank you Fire Mane and everyone for creating an environment I never knew could exist! Wow! xx”

Penny Murray, Sydney workshop, July 2012

More testimonials from the Transmute Workshops HERE.


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After facilitating near 50 of these 1-day workshops in the past few years, all over Australia, in the US and in Peru, now it’s more powerful and potent.

Chrissie’s forte is helping us to drop heavy energy, old story, dated trauma, and come into a fresh state of awareness and freedom.

This day is powerful, potent and gutsy.
Bring your whole self, be open and vulnerable and be transformed. By your own voice and heart.

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