Tuesday 14th April

Time bends, and is relative.

What appears as one day to some, can be an aeon in another part of our Universe.

I watched Interstellar on the plane from Sydney to Auckland and have been, once again, greatly humbled by the forever mysteries and cosmic genius of our Universe. Wormholes and black holes. Bending cosmic fabric. Revisiting and jumping time by surfing other dimensions.

A little less difficult to wrap our heads around, perhaps, is that I have lived this day twice.

Firstly, in Australasia, waking in Maroubra, kissing my friend goodbye and jumping a taxi for four more of my total of five flights to the destination. Secondly, I see this day, Tuesday 14th April, in South America, drinking coffee in Santiago, marvelling at the dusty view of the surrounding mountains, calmly waiting the fourth flight towards Cusco. Destination Lima.

In the movie, the concept is presented that those paranormal communications that we can encounter are potentially delivered by those souls we know very well indeed, from another time/space. It raised the question within me of support and the support we are at times unknowingly given by beings around us, people around us, friends and family, and at times, angels.

We sometimes feel that these angels are personally unknown to us and from higher planes. Could it be that these helpers are different, higher aspects of those humans very close in to us? I know a man who felt he was protected and guided through his earlier years by an angel. He shared that he realized that that angel was me. And this is what I’m talking about and inspired by in this moment.


The way we are working together toward a common goal in sometimes very different ways. What appears as an obstacle is oftentimes recognised as a beneficial advancement of our trajectory. But we see things through very limited filters. I know I do. And I’m inspired to take off the worm’s eye view-style glasses and FEEL the cosmic wormhole reality. Especially in this area of support.

There are people that will support you in a way that does not always feel so comfortable. They will confront you to see your shadow, or they will act out in theirs to push you to accept all. One of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful, experience of my ego-life is when a group of people that loved me enough to risk our separation stood for Love and called me out on all my shadow areas. They called me strong and shattered all the fear and control and defence that I had built up around these darker areas of my being. Man. Did I fall apart that day. It was a warrior day for me. And although it hurt like hell and I felt that I died in many ways, I still remember those people with power and truth and great love.

There are people that will support you in a way that feels good and gentle and cosy and warm, and what a treat that is to experience. This is wonderful and welcome, but personally, the greatest teachers I have had are the ones that confront my limited sense of reality and ego and righteousness and make me question things deeply. The resistance that we feel in these moments is always a great indicator of gold coming our way. I have also felt that short moments with these beings can be more impactful than years with others.

There are people that will see you and support you in ways that you had never imagined, that stretch you toward your Greatness in an accelerated and breathtakingly exciting way. I have had the pleasure of encountering such an angel these last 6 months. A woman who sees me in the energy world and is not afraid. A woman who is helping me translate my message into the very languages I’ve wanted to learn all my life. A woman who is setting a bar for me to rise to and break through, and I couldn’t feel more lucky for our meeting. Angels. Are. Operating.

I see the ones that can’t bring themselves to congratulate me on my successes as the ones confronted by shining, power and feminine magic, and in them I see the work still to be done. The Fear still has a grip within so many of us, me included at times. We continue to shed the light on our own shadow and fear. With humility and transparency. Disbanding its power.

For my own journey, I have known that at my greatest times of expansion or creative leap, when I am about to deliver something super powerful and/or new to our world, opposition to this movement is sizeable and most commonly comes at me through the mind.

I systematically experience this, and have had enough experience with this phenomenon now not to buy into it. It commonly tells me that I ‘know nothing and will fail.’ ‘Who are you to do this?’ it asks me, without caring for my answer.

I remember just before launching my 3-day workshop (which has had huge successes and made true love change in many, many lives and families), the voices told me that I know nothing, and what’s the point of it all? I remember sticking a proverbial middle finger up to this energy and going anyway. I’m so glad I did!

They’re at me again, telling me I can’t succeed in music, that my message is dishwater, that my voice is not powerful, that women have no place here and that the men just want to squash us anyway. What a load of rubbish. Thank goodness I have enough years under my belt to recognise that none of this is Truth and that I am indeed powerful, as is this message of Love. And again, a middle finger waves in the air to this opposition. A loving middle finger, with beautiful nails and a gold ring handed down to me from my Ukrainian Babusa. The power mama finger. The strong bones that have walked aeons of this, here for this moment.


I am welcoming in support and help at this moment, more than ever before. Connections, opportunities, visions, co-writings, financial support, creative collaborations, I am OPEN! I am a strong mama and I’ve done so much in my life and I continue to do so much and am able to pull it all off relatively seamlessly. But at times I’m tired. And these are the times I must open to more help. I was hugely confronted by the idea of launching a crowd funding campaign initially. I felt that it was lazy and that I should just go out there and make the money I need to furnish my goals all myself. I see how this is part of my do-it-all-myself attitude and my control. My inability to humble and ask for help that I need. My habit of taking on another project and working day and night when I could welcome in others to help me carry this.

I said, I can just facilitate more workshops to raise what I need for my album and it’s launch. And yes, it’s true. I can. And I will. But I have already mastered Do It All Myself. And my dear pal questioned me, ‘What about all your connections that love you and your work and cannot attend a workshop and that would love to support you right now?’ She was right. And I softened. And I decided to run the POZIBLE campaign. And I am still confronted by it but I am doing it anyway, because I know there is Truth in it. I know that it’s time for us to work together. More and more.

Please, dear family.

Please visit my campaign on POZIBLE named PACHAMAMA PLEDGE. This is the name of my album that I am endeavouring to record this August. With your help. For every donation, there is a reward. There is exchange. This is not just money given freely for nothing in return.

I pray that you give your help to me and that you can share this campaign with other people that might feel the energy of my offering and may want to help me also. Can I ask that of you? Could you share this with your network? I know there are people out there who may not even now me but may feel inspired to support this music, this heart, this message. Please CLICK BELOW.


I believe in angels. I believe in us, and I believe that we are freeing our Planet. Bit by bit. We are doing it.

I pledge myself to doing it more and more, with my voice, with my heart, with my music, with my stories.

I believe in our children. I want them to grow in Love and Fearlessness.

I want to inspire the mamas and the papas, the future mamas and the future papas.

I carry the mountain magic and the condor song.

I carry the timeless African shamaness beat, the Apache courage and the flamenco soul and passion.

I open up to the nothingness of Love and our Ascended Master Lady Nada for my journey.

I give thanks to all my relations, all my darling friends and family all around the world that continually flow me love, respect and support.

I give thanks to my children, for taking me on the most sacred journey of all. Motherhood.

I understand Pachamama’s plight through my motherhood.

I understand the wildness of Nature through my emotions.

The power of woman is strong.

Denying her in yourself is foolish.

Her mysteries are the Universe’s birthplace. The womb of creation. The nothingness before Form.

As Lovers, we unite as one. She and He. Within me.

Its our Time to Shine now. My time. Your time.

Nobody does what you do better.

Let’s go!

The Angels are (with) us.



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I’m DONE! (Only just beginning.)

After two and a half years of facilitating healing workshops I have decided to stop. The decision has come quite quickly and the freedom I have felt in making the decision has been epic. The mind wanted to sabotage this freedom by dangling carrots in front of me such as ‘but the workshops are so effective’ and ‘the workshops are changing lives’ and ‘you make your living from your workshops’, but the truth of the matter is that I’m ready for something else now. Holding on to something or someone (or anything for that matter) for longer than is healthy is crippling spiritually and I am so ready to let go of my current state of play to choose new projects, to create afresh and with more power. photo (8) Damn! How exciting! To know that we can completely reinvent our lives, change our focus, our direction, our identity with just a simple decision. One of my teachers always told me that us humans are naturally so spontaneous and creative and that we might only need one week in a dream job that we’ve wanted for years and years to have gotten all the lessons and to jump out again and do something else. Hanging around is not powerful. Drawing things out is not powerful. Being absolutely on the edge at all times is. And that’s how I’d like to live my life from now on. On. The. Edge. Cosy corners dull our spirituality and our creativity. And I recognise that I’ve been hanging in a cosy corner for a while now.. The corners of my ability are full of cobwebs. Stretch! Time to find out what I’m made of and time to find out what I want to do that gives me MORE joy and MORE satisfaction. So, I’m getting a couple bands together! The time for my music has come. Fire Mane, spirit songstress. Power Mama. Fire Mama. And a second project, The Amplafires.  But before that, I wish to speak from this place of deep gratitude for the work I have done and am completing now. Since July 2012, I’ve been working so hard with my sound healing workshops, in Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, Peru and in Hawaii. I’ve done 32 of my 1-day workshops and 10 of my 3-day workshops and I’ve facilitated sound work at 4 spiritual retreats in Arizona, NSW and Cusco, countless sound healing concerts, journeying deeply into the heartspace of 946 people in total. Every single person I’ve worked with has gone incredibly deep in my shamanic journeys. There’s not one person that did not crack open their heart incredibly wide. I am forever grateful and deeply honoured by all the people that have trusted me so implicitly and let me into their deepest heartspace. IMG_1110 I have seen the most incredible changes in peoples lives, families restored, illnesses healed, huge amounts of negativity dissolved. This truly has been the most epic 2.5 years.. Tonight in Riddells Creek in Melbourne, I sat in our closing circle at my very last 3-day workshop, A Love Story in Sound, and hearing the changes and benefits that the people had experienced.. I really had to hold myself together in order not to fall into a puddle of grateful tears. I realised this is the last time I shall sit in this circle. photo 3-2 I have done good work. I have been working hard for my brothers and sisters. I am so happy with what I have achieved. THANK YOU to all of you who have been part of this magnificent chapter of my life. I have learnt so, so very much from you all! I shall never forget what I have seen, what I have felt in all of you. I shall never forget the pink ‘hucha’ hearts from my 1-day workshops, all tear and saliva stained. How many of those did I cut out over the years? I shall never forget those of you so confronted to go deep, gripping my hands and saying ‘I can’t do it’ and then trusting, going with me and breaking through to heart freedoms not felt before. I shall never forget the feeling in the circle at the beginning of the 1-day, the kinetic potential, the confront, the hearts exposed. The beautiful music and songs I had carefully chosen for each process will forever remind me of you all. Sound Soulsters at the Kookaburra health retreat small I shall never forget the incredible bonding that was created after journeying together for 3 days, these soul families created, the trusted and solid friendships that have grown as a result. I am happy with the work I have done.

photo 3-3

In a sea of cuddles at the finale, A Love Story in Sound, Melbourne, January 2015.

===== But now, this songbird must fly. The visions are coming true. I want to reach more people and in a way that is more accessible to all types of folk. So, I am creating two musical vehicles to bring home the messages. The Amplafires:  I feel this band to be like a white arrow, absolutely slicing through illusion and restoring people to their inherent power, burning away the illusion that we are anything but Great & Spirit. Fire Mane, the essence of the Mother’s Prayer in Body and Song. Both bands are coming to your part of the world. We’re on missions. LOVE missions. And we will complete the mission. Damned if I’m resting until harmony is restored on this planet. You can bet on old Fire-Mane. She’s a goer. Nothing’s changed. Nothing will. Spirit is Spirit. Mission is Mission. But now we’re getting closer. And So. Am. I.   firemaneblack Thank you all so much for the support you’ve given me. Please continue to send your backing through the airwaves as we need it more than ever. Frontliners need solid backing. Thank you so much. Please also note that I will pretty much only be using Facebook from now on as a promotional tool for events. I will be moving all my personal sharing and blogging to this website so please do subscribe to my blog if you like hearing from my heart. I will be bringing out some online mentorship offerings in a couple months so please do let me know if that interests you and why. I’d love to know what you’d love to know! x


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Finally, while the heavy rains slow and become a steady tapping beat on my Nashua rooftop, I’m ready to write again. For months now I’ve felt compelled to spill out and share of this incredible wealth of experience I’ve cultivated since I last wrote. My GOD. Was it May?? It feels, truly, like an aeon ago. I have shape-shifted at least a couple of times since then into new versions of myself. And this current state of me, with this rain, this candle-light, this glass of red grape soul, is finally ready to write.

Big out breath.

I feel the game quickening.

Harmony WILL be restored to Planet Earth in this lifetime. That humans WILL live in absolute truth of their purity IS sure. It’s WRITTEN. It IS a reality. And it’s going to happen in my lifetime. I refuse to close my eyes with death until I am sure this world is free. I speak for myself, I speak for my love, an equally determined being in the game of freedom, I speak for those light-workers very close in to me. We KNOW. There is no other option. We came here to do this and we were born to liberate our world.

The last months, the last weeks and more specifically, the last 24 hours, have taught me much about who I am in relation to LOVE.

When I was younger, I was very much enthralled with the esoteric studies of the Kabbalah. The ancient system of the Tree of Life and its steps, it’s sephiroth, those universal stages that bridge the extreme stretches of creation.. And the sephiroth, or stage, that always grabbed my soul and spoke to my spirit the most was GEBURAH. It was beautifully depicted by a mother-warrioress, her tiny children cowering behind her legs as she raised that huge sword high above her head with every ounce of courage and command to SLAY ANY DAMN THING THAT CAME BETWEEN HER AND HER CHILDREN.

Somehow, for whatever reason, I relate to this energy. This is a part of my magic. To see what is out there, to see what is limiting us, to see what is entrapping humanity, and to SLAY IT. My heart is huge and my heart is deep and strong. I feel to the depths and can cry with any being for anything. But truly, my power lies in staring something straight in the eyes and saying I SEE YOU and YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

Whether your awareness extends to seeing what is happening on Planet Earth or not, doesn’t matter. But what does matter is that your hope is absolutely restored in that WE HAVE GOT THIS. Humanity is cracking through and threshing off the shackles! Our hearts are being restored to their pure state!

DOWN to fashion and comparisons, exclusive energies, clubs, subtle or physically established. Nothing to do with LOVE!

DOWN to competition and force, trying, proving, making the grade. Nothing to do with LOVE!

DOWN to introversion and suppression, disempowering medication, manipulation. Nothing to do with LOVE!

DOWN to pornography (‘fashionable’ or overt), misuse of the human body, slamming of the feminine in the guise of ‘art’ or ‘honouring’. Nothing to do with LOVE!

DOWN to us thinking that we are separate, placing each other in levels of love, hierarchy, illusions of limits. Nothing to do with LOVE!

ALL of these energies pervade our community and are dressed up as something else, something digestible, something acceptable. As Liz says, the New Age arena, (or any hard-line fixed point against it) is just a fabulous way to ‘park’ people. It is time for us to take off the masks and SEE. Are you courageous enough? Are you willing to eat humble pie and experience ick to be TRUE TO LOVE? Are you able to let help in and be humble to admitting your blind spots? Are you WORKING IN OUR TEAM for love? x


I feel a quickening. My responsibility has increased tenfold in the last 24 hours it seems. Something has occurred where limitation is encroaching on one I hold very dear – and I am feeling like a ferocious animal to stop this rabid, out-of-control energy that is taking us. x I am driven. I am ready to lose friends. x I am ready to create absolutely from my LOVE and from BEINGNESS – no need to ‘do’ anything. I’m not here to ‘do’, although I do a lot. I am here to BE FIRE-MANE. The magic of my being is power enough.


I am deeply in love. x

The man who has always spoken to my soul and who has danced with my spirit for aeons, the one I always knew was coming but was looking for in other reflections, much to my confusion, is here. He’s back. We rejoice in our reunion. We remember our parting last time. x Always we’ve lived for the mission of restoring LOVE on this planet. x This life is no exception.

I know as our team strengthens, as this frontline grows and widens, as this natural and timely swell of TRUTH, PURITY & LOVE washes over our Planet, we are being RELIEVED. x We all know it’s coming, that’s why we’ve come here at this time. Let us awaken truly and deeply to our purpose in LOVE right now and shine so so incredibly brightly! Let us identify with objectivity whatever is in our space that is NOT love, let us separate from our ‘stories’ and see them for what they are – intentional limiting barriers that separate loving beings from each other. Take away the story and we POWER UP. x

I have never known HOPE and KINETIC MAJESTY so much as I do now. I can smell our collective FREEDOM.

I, Fire-Mane, commit, more than ever, to this Planet. To this space of Love. To this Paradise.

Inkakunaq! Children of the Sun! Richaryis! WAKE UP! Shout! Turn your eyes this way!

Blessings upon blessings upon blessings upon blessings.

Please send your support to those on the front line. We need you. We are all in this together. We are only as fast as our slowest member. We all go together. x Scooping every human up.

From a passionate, expanded, ever-intrigued heart…





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Going for God.

The Sacred Valley of Peru – Monday 19th May, 2014.


Once again, I’m in my beloved homeland. The place where my spirit soars highest. The place where I feel more of my inner certainty than anywhere else! The very place where my greatest teachers abide, where the wind speaks my name, where I seem to have always lived.


I am currently inspired by the phenomenon of greatest lessons and gold being offered when all we want to do is give that to others. It seems that every time I step up more and fully commit to a role of service, I receive the greatest insights, the greatest healings for me. I guess this is not so unusual? It only makes sense that the language of God streams through more audibly, with more colour and sensuality when we consciously walk the path toward Her, letting go of our own Life, our own needs, our own vision. It also makes sense that to commune more clearly with God, in a manner that is truly 2-way, we have to have unravelled as much of our own trauma as humanly possible. I further commit to cleaning myself completely. How can  we guide others to open their hearts if ours are not completely open and exposed? YES. I’m willing to open mine even more more more, to dissolve myself completely and utterly into the service of God.


I am, without a shadow of doubt, a woman who serves the human heart. It is my undying and ever-growing passion to see the human heart in power. I just finished my very first PACHAR TAKIY Peru pilgrimage with 19 incredible souls, and the most impressive, important, purposeful part of the whole tour for me was the way that the humans came in really close and exposed their hearts like true warriors. This was my gold. This is real triumph! To help and to see precious human beings bear their all. It takes a huge amount of courage! I always say that it takes way more courage to bear your heart completely – to the depths – than to go to war. There are a myriad of clever ways that humans like to hide their hearts, and I’m ready, with love, to expose these barriers. The judgements, the pointing outward, the adherence to strict protocols and dogmas, the intellectual reasoning, the sense of authority.

I call on all true love warriors, those that are ready to shine all their love light into our world, to commit to self-healing with ardent fervour right now, to seek out and expose all those shadow corners that affectively control your ability to be in your power in this moment and to heal those areas with grace and ease, with fellowship and the support of all those around you. Let others carry you while you heal yourself completely. Let the love IN. Let the pride GO. Surrender to the spirits of healing that surround you. Surrender to the mountain spirits and to the Water. Surrender to looking ugly for a while as the healing takes place. Surrender to wachuma and surrender to movement – healing energetic movement. Seek out the movement! Seek out the natural flow of energies to their rightful place! Let go of your ideas of yourself until who you really are shines forth. Let go of all your ‘powers’ until your spontaneous, natural gifts to Life shine through.

Seek to be in FLOW. Seek to tap all stagnant areas and release the trapped energy within them. Give it over to Pachamama, along with all your Gratitude. Give to her your finest energies in exchange.

Be in EXCHANGE with the Universe!

Follow Spirit.


My first ever tour to the Sacred Valley of Peru finished yesterday. I am reeling with the incredible sensations of absolute success, of sheer triumph! What an incredible success it was, and I couldn’t have imagined it to have been any better in any way. The love, the connections, the integrity and genuine nature of all the participants, the epic adventuring, the spiritual guidance, the deepest healing and humbling experiences, the food, the music, the textures, the BELLY LAUGHS! Oh! I’ll never forget those belly laughs!! We listened to Spirit’s call and we came to the mountains. And the mountains showed up for us. Big time.


Gracias Apu Machu Picchu, Gracias Yanantin, Gracias Ausangate, Gracias Pachatusan! Gracias a Pachamama! A Tayta Inti! A Mama Killa! I feel deeply gracious to my spirit brother, Luis Quispe, pampa mesayok, who dreamed this in, who called me forth and who is continuing to manifest this venture into the future for years to come with his clear spirit sight and his deep love for all things alive on Pachamama.  Gracias to my brother Simon Myburgh and his deeply exquisite family, Mark his brother and his mama Lesley, darling darling soul family of mine. Thank you Simon! Look at what we’re creating!! Gracias a PUMITA, my newest spirit buddy, thank you for SEEING ME and knowing what I’m all about, thank you for guiding me and helping me to know that I’m most certainty on track – for helping me to conquer doubt in all the ways it tries to reach me. You have changed my life! Gracias to my dear dear pals in Light, Meredith Shippam and Sean West, for all that you gave, for all that you did for the people.  You showed UP, and I’ll never forget it. You know how much I love you…. Words in black and white just don’t cut it.


And to all the darling friends and family that are reading this post. I thank YOU for all the support you are continuing to give me and my Life, my mission here. I feel you all and I always have. At times it has been overwhelming to feel so much support from so many, but regardless, I am SO grateful for it and it means a huge amount to me. I receive.. I surrender and I receive your Love. THANK YOU.

Please do align to come to the Sacred Valley of Peru with me at some point. It is an experience and a journey that is so incredibly rewarding on every dimension. We have created a masterpiece and we will continue to deliver it until God says otherwise. x Right now, God is telling me that what I am doing here is very much needed. That so many would benefit enormously from experiencing the healing available in this Valley. And so I say, YES.


With greatest and deepest MUNAY, with combined Love and Intention,




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Brrrring Brrrring! Your Destiny’s calling!

My latest fascination and endeavour:  To create the fastest map ever for humans to free completely from the controls of the mind. Behind those controls, Love Reigns. WE reign.
True Freedom & the Majesty of the Human Race and Our Planet Earth Awaits. We are getting very, very close now…
Like a key turned that opens the lock, it’s going to be that simple. It always has been and it always will be.
Like a cheetah, this Freedom will bolt all over the world. No more separation from Love and no more distortion of the Truth.

This is my Purpose now.

I write this as I fly through the air, thousands of metres above the oceans, destination: Isle of the Gods.

I am lured by mystery and by deep, deep Love.

I heed a Spirit call.
At home, I may occasionally ignore my landline or I may not immediately respond to the personal messages I receive each day.
But if there is one thing I have learnt, it’s this: Heed the Spirit Call.
Are you listening to the Brrring Brrrring of your heart?
Are you honouring what your precious Spirit desires to do? To be? To have? To experience?
Or have you let our world, via your mind, shut down your Spirit line?
My Life has evolved into an ever-flowing stream of ultimate experiences. I live on the edge. I am free to move as I need to.
I have created and continue to create opportunities for myself and others to grow in love & abundance, and it’s psychedelically colourful. The colours of my Life literally burn off the page. Colours of Richness, Success, Humility, Excitement, All-Consuming Love, Clarity, Valour, Connection, Activation. I am ever-grateful, grateful, grateful to the teachers who have helped me create a dream Life where I am acknowledged for who I really am.
Spirit calls in many ways, right? Sometimes loud and clear like being hit by a Mack truck, other times like a coded whisper just grasped on a passing breeze. We are all called by Spirit to experience LIFE, and it’s these experiences calling to us that act as divine messengers, delivering pieces of our own soul puzzle back to us. Perhaps you are called to learn African dancing. Perhaps you are called to buy a flock of goats and make goats cheese. It doesn’t matter what it is. I have been called to travel to Bali and am now flying through the air to honour that calling. I’m not going to relax on a beach. I’m not going to shop. On one hand I don’t really know why I am going, my MIND doesn’t know why I am going. But spiritually, I am going with the full knowing that there are great keys for me there, otherwise I simply wouldn’t be called. Last week I was called to purchase the drums of my mate Focus. My mind told me that I couldn’t really afford to buy those drums right now, but I have been living through the language of Spirit too long to deny it, and so after all of twenty seconds of mind attack, I tuned back into the Spirit call and said ‘OK, YES, I hear you,’ and those drums came home to me. For what purpose, I’m not quite sure right now. Yet I trust my Spirit. I trust it’s language.
My mind might try to ‘work it out’, but in that very moment, the magic would be lost.
Lost magic = humans acting as drones = disconnection to our Mother Nature = Mind over Spirit
That is what is happening mostly on our Planet: people are not living their spirit dreams because their mind is still trying to work it all out. Why, How, When etc. We are so busy trying to control the bejeezus out of our dreams with our minds. Dream language, the language of real magic, is Spirit Call and Spirit Response.
Do you let your Spirit respond to your callings?
Or are you responding from your mind?
Please do have a good feel into this. There is a marked difference and you will be able to feel it when you are honest with yourself.
Spirit will respond regardless of how much $ is in the bank account, regardless of how much time the boss says you can have off, regardless of the other commitments that are in the way.
Spirit responds and SOARS. Spirit’s response is clear and unwavering.
Spirits response has no concept of conditions and physical considerations.
And when we respond to Spirit, we are more than looked after. Magic Happens and we are carried along the way. Divine alignments occur, what-the-??? kind of coincidental meetings occur, people offer us their houses and cars and all sorts of physical support (love language) occurs.
Spirit doesn’t operate in conditions of Why, How, When. The sooner we recognise this and recognise that MAGIC doesn’t operate from within these limitations, the closer we will get to living a magical life, to really pulling off a sense of Freedom. Freedom from the Mind.
But even here, our minds may be saying ‘Yes, Yes I know all this.’
No. I would wager that you don’t know it. Otherwise you’d be living it. Knowing something intellectually is not knowing it as experience.
Reading Deepak Chopra is not going to launch you into a life of synchrodestiny.
What is?
You taking a leap and answering Spirit’s call. Not paying for the ticket, not finally quitting that job, but answering the call.
Honouring your Spirit language. Speaking back with a YES.
It takes balls to operate from Spirit because yes, a leap is required.
You DO have wings. You ARE a condor. But while you never use those wings to fly, how will you ever recognise yourself?
So you must leap. And then you’ll see.
We recognise ourselves in the spiritual risks and courageous chances we take, not by playing cosy corners and waiting for someone or something to hand-deliver our dreams on a platter. With fries. And a lift home thanks.
No siree. Grow the potatoes, bloody chop them up yourself and walk the ten miles home.
Some hard yards are required and these take the form of RISK. JUMPING. TRUSTING.
Trust in the Universe. Trust in God. Trust in Yourself.
Trust your Spirit Call.
It’s time for Humans to be Great.
Know Your Greatness.
With deepest love and a growing, experienced certainty of Who We Really Are,


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DEATH. I’m ready.


I feel my purpose so strongly. I could never have imagined my creation, A Story In Sound, to have been so much of a success last weekend in Sydney..

OUr Beautifull Tribe.A Story In Sound1.2.C.Sachs

In the physical, it appeared to be a group of incredibly courageous, open, willing folk – the real deal – banding together to experience and discover new shamanic ways of relating to power and healing via vibration and voice. But in the metaphysical, so so much more was happening. When I close my eyes and try to recount it, it was like a double-toroid spread from my heart and within it were 24 portals into other ancestral and dimensional lines – through blood and through soul – and all were opened for us to travel through and discover and heal. And we did that in full integrity, safety, courage and honour. Such is the beauty of the human warrior. Such is the beauty of the shamanic way. To journey between worlds and perform miracles. Miracles of love. Miracles of healing. Our space out of space teemed with animals and plants and colours and orbs and apus and all manner of saints, guides, gurus, goddesses…. x

Like a thick-cut piece of rainbow love-pie. We had it all in our hands that weekend. And we ate it together.. which always makes things taste better. To share…. x To heal together.

I really and truly believe that I could die happily now. OK, so I haven’t travelled in a UFO yet this lifetime.. but y’know what? Nothing could satisfy more than what I experienced, felt and saw last weekend within those hearts. Nothing. The magic and mystery of this planet’s ways and her heart is no less unfathomable than the mysteries of the further galaxies. As above, so below. Do you know how to look?

I recall the first moments I decided to create another level or a deeper layer to my sound healing discoveries & offerings and I remember how strongly my mind tried to thwart my heart’s efforts. I remember my  mind telling me ‘What do you know? Who do you think you are?’ etc etc. MY GOD! What I created and successfully delivered last weekend was utterly majestic, ‘a masterpiece’ as one participant put it. The love in that room.. the families reunited as a result of our journeying between worlds, the empowerment attained, the absolute life-changing awarenesses, decisions, affirmations… the deep ancestral healings…. x  Floods of tears became me, once again, as I watched and felt the people share their wins at the end of the 3-day journey. To know that I am living my purpose, living a life to light a torch, to light a way for souls to remember themselves, to remember their power, to remember their sovereignty and to remember their insanely potent powers of healing and communication….

I. Could. Die. Now.

Good thing I’m a rotten Aries and can’t stop creating for love nor money. HA. x

You ain’t rid of me just yet…. xxx

I birthed another masterpiece. x I’ve got tonnes more up my sleeve, I just know it. x

More than ever, my instinct to mother, protect and guide is super strong. This dual feeling of being ready to die now and feeling so much more ahead is incredibly freeing….x

The point to this post? I don’t know… does there need to be one? I’m happy. I’m proud of what I’ve created. I’m proud of people. I’m proud of the human heart and it’s strength, vulnerability and resilience and depth. I’m proud of Pachamama for acing through this. ACE. She’s just ACE.

And I’m proud of you. Whoever you are and wherever you are.

I love you.

Come journey with me one day………



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Dead saints or luscious queens? Roses for nothing.

I inspire you to give more to yourself.

My beautiful friend Meredith Shippam told me yesterday, “Chrissie, you give like the sun.” I never actually stop. Even when I think I’m not giving, I am. In some subtle way.

I broke down for giving too much of myself. I broke down for not being given to as much as feels healthy and balanced. Yes, I am strong and yes, I can heal and yes, I can help and yes, I care. But there seems to be a gross misconception on our planet that says strong people don’t need support. If you’ve got it ‘all sewn up’, then people don’t give but expect even more from you. Without blame, without consciousness mostly. This is what I see. Most times, this world astounds me and I feel fully in love with it. But occassionally I am greatly disillusioned and really wonder, and mourn, where folks are at. It hurts my heart.

So….. I shall give more to myself… xxx

This week, when my heart was breaking and my mind felt as though it was melting down with the pressure of a million tugs at my energy, I ran a hot bath and poured in my favourite oils of ylang ylang and eucalyptus. I pulled the blood red rose petals from a bunch in the kitchen and scattered them in the water. And as I soaked, I committed to buying myself a bunch of roses every weekend, from this moment on. I will keep them in my home to inspire and spread beauty and then I will wear them in my hair all week long. I feel beautiful with roses in my hair. At the end of the week, I will take the petals and run a long, hot, oil-rose bath. Because I am a luscious queen. And I am deserving of this level of respect and care and receiving..

Can I inspire you to commit to one completely new weekly ritual that honours yourself, nurtures your soul and takes time out from Life to be kind? Something different… using space or actions or objects that you aren’t already relating closely with.. Something NEW. And if you are a single mother – healer – CEO – community giver, then I pretty much demand that you do this for yourself. 😉

With great love and blunt, in-the-moment heart-truths..






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