My Soul’s Purpose

Over the years, my purpose for being here has shifted back and forward between the following:

To empower human beings and remind them of their sovereignty.

To use my voice to shatter illusionary energy fields and have people come into their power immediately.

To help those that are seeking help to achieve their heart’s desire.

To heal with my hands.

To heal large groups of people with my voice.

And more recently:

To heal the deep wounds to Isis energy that have been suffered due to the hands of collective man.

To connect up different galactic families, groups & individuals.

I am absolutely passionate about people and our planet.

Watching the film Baraka, I am in floods of tears from start to finish. Whether it be the majestic beauty of our landscapes, the primitive awesomeness of our tribes, the intelligence of our animal kingdom, our dreams represented in architecture, I am in awe of the human race and this rock we’re spinning on. I am constantly in awe, in fact. Pretty much everything completely amazes me.

I have always felt that my deep connection to the heart of things was also my greatest power. I knew that I could harness the very real love I have for my human brothers and sisters and it would melt away fear and illusion in its magnitude and pure intention.