Who I Am

I have unlocked my dreams and come into full power. Truly fulfilled. I am more than ready to help others do the same. My qualifications are the fruits I bear: the deepest sense of self-fulfilment, two sparklingly healthy children, deep spiritual and emotional connections with family and friends, an overflowing fountain of creative ideas and ventures, the ability to always communicate clearly and with integrity, growing abundance, a wonderful relationship with our planet and a fit and healthy body that radiates the state of joy that I now feel daily.

I am the product of 37 Earth years and of 14 billion cosmic years at once. I am wise beyond knowing, as old as the hills. And yet I am a complete innocent with the freshest perception, mostly in awe and wonder.
Ten thousand thousand experiences, colours, desires, dreams, perceptions & voyages have woven themselves together to create me.

I am a mother of two, I am the youngest of three. My parents are still in love and call each other ten times a day when they are apart.

I am an explorer, a poet, a pioneer, a champion of the human spirit. I am an entertainer, a host, a chef, an empath, a gardener. I am a dreamer, a dancer, I tell it like it is. I am a romantic, a darer and I am the logistics queen with her eye on it all. I am a musician, a teacher, a writer, a revolutionary, a ratbag.

I have overcome huge obstacles with grace and ease, time and time again over the decades. I am gifted with the ability to be positive, fast and understanding to get me through the darkness as quickly as possible. I also have a profound ability to express and weep and feel the depths of loss and anger as it appears, to the depths of its existence, also with the intention of passing through it quickly with as little suppression as possible.

I have always been a listener, I have always loved to hear my fellow humans – their sorrows, tales, pains & truths. Ever since I was a young teen I have been sitting patiently and holding space for people. It has always been one of my, if not the, greatest passion in my life.

Here I stand, of service.