Blessingway Ceremonies

The Blessingway Ceremony is a traditional Native American Indian ceremony that honours the transition and rite of passage that it is to become a new mother. The ceremony is conducted amongst women, offering support, love and gratitude for the miracle of birth. The pregnant mama is honoured, pampered and offered gifts that will carry her through her impending birth with grace and ease.

My Blessingway Ceremony for my 2nd child, Ini Eva.

The Blessingway Ceremony is a powerful experience and a much-welcomed alternative to today’s baby shower that tends only to focus on the physical and gift-giving for the new child. The Blessingway is about the mother and honours her greatly.

I feel passionate about holding these ceremonies for a number of reasons. Firstly, because this area of ceremony is my ancient language and I am able to create and guide ceremonies of any sort with much experience and love. Secondly, the benefits of this ceremony are massive for the new mother and my own Blessingway ceremony completely changed my life. Birth is a rite of passage and this ceremony pays birth the great honour and reverence that it is due. I also have felt so disappointed with regular baby showers, feeling them vacuous and having no real weight. I haven’t felt much real love and stillness offered at these events and feel that so much more is available.

The Blessingway Ceremony that I conduct runs as follows, although extra aspects can be added or taken away depending on the mother’s desires:

Honouring the Ancestors & Opening the Circle

Welcoming & Setting the Intention

Prayers to Gaia

Releasing The Fears

Honouring the Mama – (Hands-On Prayers, Massage, Hair-Braiding, Henna-Painting. Songs)

Threading the Birthing Necklace

Raising The Energy

Weaving The Web

Closing the Circle & Giving Thanks

Releasing The Fears

A beautiful altar to Gaia is the centrepiece of the circle. Photographs are taken and stories of motherhood and sisterhood are shared and received. It’s a great idea to have a meal together after the ceremony to ground and to celebrate and most Blessingway ceremonies ask guests to bring a beautiful plate of food to share.

I offer my services as a fellow mother, a spirit guide, a sound healer, a massive enthusiast and believer in easy birth, in creating your beautiful blessingway ceremony. I will communicate with your guests and organize them all, engaging them as much as possible in the ceremony.

My fees for this are $200 (for mothers in the Byron Shire area). Please talk to me if you would like to suggest another type of exchange that is fair to all.

Please enjoy the photographs and testimonials (coming soon) listed below. You can call me on 0435 062 564 or 02 6694 2134.

Noriko Wrencher’s Blessingway for her 2nd child, Amana.

Noriko’s altar

Eleanor Rex’s Blessingway for her 2nd child, Sage.

“Thank you wonderful Chrissie for holding my blessing way. Through your intuitive weaving of ritual, story and song you created and held such a safe, sacred and nourishing space. In those hours I felt my clarity, strength, power and sacredness as well as a reconnection with self, with woman and what it is to be a woman. The energy in the room was palpable; carried by the tone of your voice, the beat of the drum, the laughter and tears of woman, the whispers of the wind blowing through wooden doors almost stirring up memories of an ancient past. So many aspects of this time together carried me through the birth experience and although the journey was inevitably a solo one I carried with me the love shared. I smiled, I remembered, I cried, I surrendered deeply and birthed my beautiful daughter Sage into this world in a most powerful and ecstatic way.”

Eleanor Rex, Byron Shire, February 2012

“Chrissie is a true shaman. Her voice is an incredibly powerful tool to create atmosphere and move emotions.

When she held my Blessingway, many of us were in tears before the ceremony even began, and by the end, each and every woman shed a tear. We were all deeply and profoundly moved. Chrissie held space the whole time. The strength that I gathered from the ceremony carried me through the rest of my pregnancy and got me through my labor. I can’t recommend Chrissie’s talents enough.”

– Satya James, Mullumbimby, March 2012


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