AYLLU – 3 days to Reawaken Love’s Power


MELBOURNE – Riddells Creek Dance Studio – Friday 22 – Sunday 24 September

BRISBANE – Mount Cotton Scout Hall – Friday 20 – Sunday 22 October

CORINDI BEACH, NSW – Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre – Friday Friday 17 – Sunday 29 November

ADELAIDE – Venue TBC – Friday 1 – Sunday 3 December


“Wow. What an integrated woman, so much depth, beauty and alignment to her purpose on this planet. Fire Mane is bringing the wisdom of the new paradigm and bridging this energy into a digestible and powerful 3-day transformative healing journey.

A journey through sound is an alchemical melting pot of energies unifying art and healing, sound and movement, head and heart. Fire Mane holds such a beautiful space and in moments could feel her emptiness, giving way for an energy much greater pouring through her in prayer, in presence and in deep compassion. Like the beautiful mother she is, I could feel her divine motherly presence often holding the space with her energetic arms allowing us to journey deep into ourselves.

I feel blessed to have woven Fire Mane magic into the fabric of my own life. Her presence, humbleness, grounded and authentic way of guiding this 3-day journey opened a powerful and safe portal to awaken deep healing through blood and soul lineage.

Thank you from my heart sister, for the vibrating medicine you bring to the human race…”


William James Wallace Cadden, Sydney Intensive, June 2013


“Magic maker! Medicine Woman! Your strength, power and humble approach to teaching prevails ever stronger the more I experience in your presence.
These three days are more powerful than words can express. I now know my purpose, feel a connection to this planet more than ever before, and know in my journey, this is just the beginning. What I sense now, will only deepen further, and the lessons I learn, will make me stronger. Thank you from the deepest place in my heart, from my spirit to yours. It is only through your incredible power to hold us safe, that I, and each of us can expand, stand in our power and leap with with full faith to the next part of our journey.
Do not hold back. Experience this magic for yourself and for our planet!
 Forever gratitude and love..”
Penelope Murray, Sydney Intensive, June 2013
“Fire Mane holds others’ power and journey in the highest regard. Creating a magical place of freedom and discovery. In Fire Mane’s AYLLU workshop I received the most vital touchstones in feeling, my own energy and that of others. Journeying through relationships, different cultures, the animal and plant worlds then out into the limitless universe. What a trip!!”
– David Potts, Sydney Intensive, June 2013
“Fire Mane is a gifted and inspiring woman with a lion-heart and an innate wisdom that is not of this world!  A journey through sound is her generous and empowering workshop of self-discovery and healing. The three days is an intensive passage of cleansing, exploring and realising the resonant knowledge and power that so many of us have forgotten. Holding a safe and compelling space she helps individuals dive into the sacred art of sound, sharing her practical skills and divine guidance so that each person can embody and live their own truth. A humble and radiant being, Fire Mane is paving the way: a warrior and healer who is committed in sharing a truly powerful and invaluable medicine. Fire Mane’s workshop has been a heart-opening experience that has helped me to not only trust and heal with my voice but to honour and shine in the totality of my being.  Words are not enough to describe how incredible this weekend has been.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Fire Mane. It has been a blessing.”
– Olivia Rosebery, Sydney Intensive, June 2013

“To say this workshop has changed my life is an understatement… The depth, content and sheer integrity of this masterpiece is a clear passage between worlds, weaving and reconnecting one within the totality of existence. As the complete embodiment of true human potential, Fire Mane demonstrates her wisdom and connectedness with strength, kindness and humility. I felt held, loved and completely supported within her Sacred Creation and my relationship to sound and the multi-dimensional aspects of spirit has reached new and supremely exciting heights.

At the core of this workshop, is the intention to empower innate healing abilities, which is a practice very dear to my heart. At this point in our evolution, the call is strong to step into our greatness. Having already had a strong sense of this, being reunited with my Shamanessence has been a TOTAL game-changer… Now feeling equipped and integrated like never before, I offer deep and heartfelt gratitude to the angel heart warrior of light that is Fire Mane… The ripples of your mastery will continue into eternity!”


– Ingrid Challenor, Sydney Intensive, June 2013


“Fire Mane sounded out the exquisite language of the metaphysical, shared the mysteries toward spiritual health and soul medicine whilst Earthing, grounding us, taking us through our personal unique journey through sound and inner light, sharing and practising tools to strengthen our essence and refine our awareness, of ourselves and in the service of others.

Fire Mane is the Maestra, orchestrating the collective of a powerful gathering of artistic empaths realizing our own strengths and truths, reconfirming what we may or may not have already claimed and held.
She radiates with the goodness to share, facilitating the wondrous to become tangible, familiarizing with the sacred, guiding us to navigate our own communication with our spiritual family and inspiration with reverence.
As well as astounding ourselves in our own self awareness, our paralleling evolutions enhanced our tribe, would not have taken place so profoundly without each and every unique participant.
The consistently cool Fire Mane raising an army of conscious healers. I am ready and willing for the good battle. A true experience for the healer being called to action and simply the inner voice ready to take steps to bloom and b real.
If you want to learn how to really hold your integrity, attend, express freely and know your purpose I would testify that you take this most magnificent leap into your own healthy and beautiful practise for the benefit of yourself and the rest of your universe.”
– Simone Pash, Sydney intensive, June 2013
“Gosh, what can I say really? Words cannot describe just how immensely grateful I am to have been gifted such a precious experience. What an absolute honour to be a part of the first Ayllu workshop.
Fire Mane, I am in awe of you and so deeply humbled to have been blessed to receive your medicine this past weekend. Thank you for sharing your unconditionally loving, beautiful, open and vulnerable heart. The depth that you give…… is just beyond this world. I feel so nourished just being in your presence. And the stirring of a distant memory of the sort of love that one can ache and yearn for their entire life.
Thank you for cradling us ever so gently in your motherly embrace. For holding us in the womb-like space you created. I felt so held and supported to the point of weightlessness.
Your courage and presence and truth and humility are astounding and really just mind-shattering and heart-opening. The magic that was created throughout this 3 day workshop was multi-dimensional and I’m sure is still rippling out into the cosmos on many levels. I felt such power in that room and the presence of so many ancestral lines converging in joy at the chance to assist in all of our clearing, for ourselves, our families and our planet.
The love I shared with the other beautiful souls who attended was so pure and felt eternal. It was so strong that on the Saturday night I was in such a space of love that I felt like I wanted to marry everyone! So many moments touched my heart and soul. Re-connecting with my power and truth. Re-opening of clairaudient abilities. Resurgence of energy to my hands and being throughout the group healing I received from my brothers and sisters. It was priceless and valuable beyond words.
Thank you thank you thank you Sister. I am so honoured to know you. ♥ ♥ ♥”.


– Anonymous, Sydney Intensive, June 2013


“Words can’t do these 3 days with Fire Mane justice but I’ll do my best. To be taken, guided and supported on a journey of such depth, intricacy, subtleties and individual uniqueness is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received. Fire Mane has a remarkable ability to make the true self, our essence, feel completely valued and supported. Her knowledge, wisdom, love – and I mean the real deal here not just empty nice words – power and abilities are equalled by her humility, earthiness and realness. There is no ego or glamour new age play-acting with Fire Mane. Hallelujah! She is the real deal and she brings the real deal out in the rest of us. And she lets us go about it, always wanting us to find our own way there under her magnificent and beautiful guidance. Bless you Fire Mane. I recently described you to a friend as the best thing on the planet. I’m sticking to that.”
– Sarah Delaunay, Sydney Intensive, June 2013


“Gratitude to Fire Mane for bringing her gifts to us, empowering, opening, holding a magical space for exploration of ancestral and ethereal spheres. Grounding us and at the same time taking us into outer-body dimensions with the strongly held intention for healing, transmuting, elevating. Profound work, delivered so gently, humbly and accompanied with such delicious, moving sound. Leading us into the subtlest realms of consciousness and super-consciousness so deftly and exquisitely. An affirming, transformative, healing experience with a group of awesome journey-souls. Honoured to have been in the flow of Fire Mane’s healing magic.”

– Madeleine, Sydney Intensive, June 2013


“How do I articulate AYLLU into words? I express a smile, tears, an embrace, laughter, song and dance, from my soul to yours and to my 23 brothers and sisters.
You held a most beautiful, loving and powerful space to move, feel, sound, share and grow.
Multiple layers, worlds and opportunities have opened up for me to explore and expand.
My soul feels acknowledged and nurtured, my heart is open.
I now support myself and feel supported and connected with all around me.
I found my power and rediscovered my identity.
Guilt has left the building.
Willing or not willing, I can now be honest about this…….no judgement.
I can finally feel confident making a decision and trust in the feedback I receive.
My sister Fire Mane, heart felt thanks for what feels like the first 3 days of my life.”
– Amy Mottek, Sydney Intensive, June 2012


This epic 3-day experience is a great adventure into LOVE & restoration of our power. Sound healing is the vehicle, yet there is no need to know anything about sound healing, or much about energy healing, at all in order to have exceptional gains from this workshop. To much greater depths, Fire Mane teaches her particular magic and approach to love, to life and to the magic of sound healing using the voice.

Always with the intention of empowering others toward their mastery, she paints a full picture of how she approaches the healing modality of sound while most definitely guiding participants to find their own unique way within.

Like her first workshop, TRANSMUTE, this course simultaneously offers much opportunity for expansion in technique and knowledge and also for profound self-healing. We learn how to heal others through our own healing. This course is a beautiful, profound, sacred experience for anyone interested in love, restoration of love, expansion of purpose, fulfilment, shamanic practices, wholistic health, sound healing and confronting fears.

The 3-day course will include processes on:

* Decision, Willingness & Intention – How the power of our will and clear-focused mind is an invaluable asset to healing, for ourselves and others.

* The ‘Mesa’, or Magic Bundle – A Q’ero tradition of using sacred stones and other natural pieces to assist and connect us up to other healers while we are working.

* Empathy – Deepening into the magic of what it really means to feel and understand another being and transmute what we find and feel with sound.

* Love, Understanding & Acknowledgement – the BIG THREE of restoring love and peace to our world.

* Freedom/Entrapment & Deserving/Undeserving – freeing limited mind programming to come into greatest and truest power.

* Indigenous Connection & Wisdom – Gleaning flavours of inspiration from those cultures that speak most to us, whether we are connected through bloodlines in this life or not. Re-connecting and carrying on the baton.

* Channeling – Opening to divine flow..




 COST: $450  (Deposit of $100 – non-refundable.)

BOOK AT:   CHRISTINACHARLEY@GMAIL.COM  or  call  0435 062 564




3 responses to “AYLLU – 3 days to Reawaken Love’s Power

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  2. Kim

    Hi there Chrissie, I am keen for the Melbourne 3 day intensive. Hoping it will be after mid November. Thanks! ❤

  3. Madeleine Michi

    Gratitude to Chrissie for bringing her gifts to us, empowering, opening, holding a magical space for exploration of ancestral and ethereal spheres. Grounding us and at the same time taking us into outer-body dimensions with the strongly held intention for healing, transmuting, elevating. Profound work, delivered so gently, humbly and accompanied with such delicious, moving sound. Leading us into the subtlest realms of consciousness and super-consciousness so deftly and exquisitely. An affirming, transformative, healing experience with a group of awesome journey-souls. Honoured to have been in the flow of Chrissie’s healing magic.
    Madeleine, Sydney Intensive, June 2013

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