AMARU PUMAC KUNTUR & ME // Rainbow Snake Tour, March 2018.


The dreams of man structure the Divine’s plan.

Our dreams are the harbingers of evolution, of ascension.

Never giving up on our dreams is vitally important to this most epic chapter of human history.

So many of us have come here this time with dreams in technicolour. Our visions are bigger than just our own happiness or satisfaction. We dream and we do for the collective, for the planet.

I am on the plane returning from Peru, my mountain home, feeling always this mix of sadness to have left a place I never want to leave, listening to Amaru Pumac Kuntur, visualising the performances we will give on the RAINBOW SNAKE TOUR through Australia and Bali and Singapore in a couple of months time.

I am listening to the songs but more, I am feeling them. Many times I have cried, so deeply do I feel this music, this message. It comes from the deepest part of me. 

I feel so amazed and blessed, stoked really, to consider that I am actually living my dreams with this.

I am thinking back to when I was 19 years old. I was living and working in London. I had a contract with Virgin Records at that time, singing with the legendary Future Sound Of London. I was writing spirit songs that nobody wanted to hear. I was appealing with my spirit to music industry men who were only interested in money and what was fashionable. Love, at that time, definitely wasn’t. I found it soul destroying, but deep down I knew the time would come. Spirit showed me in vision then that I must wait until I was mid 30s to walk my music path. 

I could see a band. 

Correction: I could feel it. 

When the time came I was 36 and Spirit nudged me. ‘It’s time,’ she said. So I began creating my first album, MAMA’S HOME, an accomplishment that I am super proud of. I love every song on that album with all of my heart. I put fucking everything into that album and you can feel it. 

When MAMA’S HOME was released, peers asked me whether I was going to get a band together and tour it, feeling it was the most natural next move. Although I had some of the best musicians around pledging their support to be in that band, it just didn’t feel right. 

I knew that my band, when it would come along, would make people dance. That was most what I wanted, people dancing in celebration. The material on MAMA’S HOME just wasn’t that kind of thing. And I couldn’t sense that the musicians were around me either.

No. As much as I would like to rock a band, it’s just not for now, I said.

That was 2016.

In 2017, my pal Chakira Miranda, lead singer of Amaru Pumac Kuntur, sought me out pretty much as soon as I landed in Cusco that year. A fellow Arian of full fire power, he came to my home and, volcano-like, shared his excitement and findings from a recent trip to his teachers in the Brazilian Amazon. He pretty much talked at me like a runaway freight train for a couple of hours, about the prophecies of the xxxxxx and xxxx coming together, ceremonies that he found himself a part of. It had changed him. I could see and feel it. He said, “We must work together. It’s time.” He proposed we record, but as soon as he did, I saw the whole thing in vision. It wasn’t just recording, we were going to tour the world.

And like that, I joined my favourite band, that band that makes people dance in celebration. The band that sings the songs of my heart and my spirit path. The band that was made for me. 


Serpent Puma Condor in the ancient Quechua language of the Andes.

Ever since I landed in Peru in 2012, my role as Rainbow Bridger became very clear. 

The following year, Luis Quispe Calcina, pampamesayok shaman of the Q’ero nation, Wisdomkeepers of the Andes, dreamt of me bringing groups to the Andes and invited me to do so. I have been bridging people to the Andes for years now and this work has gotten stronger and stronger as my connections to the true wisdom keepers of that area solidify. 

But now I am going to begin bridging the Andes to the rest of the world through the music, for I am takiykuna, music brethren. I am a music medicine woman. 

I want to give huge gratitude to my brother Chakira for all that he has put into this band for 15 years. Ever since I met the band in 2012 on my first trip to Peru, I have seen him give nothing but his absolute ALL in every concert I have attended. (And as their biggest m’fn groupie and as they are a band that play non-stop in Cusco, that’s a tonne of concerts!) Every time they play he is ON FIRE. You wait and see. 


Gracias Chakira, por verme, por tenir confianza en mi, en mi camino, mi espíritu y mi voz. Munay kuyki, toray.

The prophecy of the Andes is that the Inka is returning. Amaru Pumac Kuntur sing about that.

Inka is enlightened man, man that lives in harmony with his surroundings, with a greater focus on the spiritual and metaphysical aspect of our existence. We all have Inka inside of us. 

The Rainbow Flag of Tawantinsuyo, the flag of modern day Qosqo or Cusco, is the symbol of all nations, all peoples, as one. From all 4 directions, in all 3 worlds, we come together, regardless of the colour of your skin or where you were born. We sing about that too.

The master plant spirits that are currently sweeping the world with their healing and knowledge, opening us up to much greater understandings of ourselves and of the Universal Love, originating in Peru. We sing about them.

The medicine of the totems Serpent, Puma and Condor. We sing about those also.

Through the vibration of the music and the instruments and voices, the energy of the mountain spirits can be felt. The masters and guides and teachers that we have in the mountains and actively present in the music and are pouring through the songs, for you to receive. This is ceremony, not just music.

Be wise and take all this goodness for yourself!

I want to share how incredibly fulfilled I am that this is happening. And just how important it is to stay true to your dreams and never, ever give up on them. It’s like winning the lottery for me. Joining my favourite band and guiding it as a mama into new territories, for the message of the mountains to be shared globally through song. I still can’t believe I got this gig yet on the other hand, there is no other way it was meant to be. 

Dreams are songs and they exist inside you. They are already written. If you keep listening to the song inside you and you never let it fade, it will be sung to the world. Whether it’s a painting, a restaurant, a family or a trip you are dreaming up. Keep humming it’s vibration in your heart. Never ever give up on it, no matter what the world shows you or tells you. Keep humming your vision and believe. 

Know that it is the language of God, in fact, and so must come to fruition.

But only will if you are ripe inside. Ripe with trust, willingness, love and right action.

So with all that said, please be invited to the most exciting creation I’ve whipped out of my ass yet!

The RAINBOW SNAKE TOUR of Amaru Pumac Kuntur, through Aus, Bali and Singapore this March and April! Tickets are on sale now and shows WILL sell out, y’all!


Bring someone along that is not likely to find out about these concerts. Blow someone’s mind. 

Come ready to open up entirely and experience something you’ve never felt before. 

Come ready to dance and shout and clap, and even perhaps to cry.

But definitely come ready to sweat.


Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 11.25.59 am

CHAKIRA MIRANDA & FIRE MANE talk about the upcoming RAINBOW SNAKE TOUR of Australia, Bali & Singapore.


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