When I was younger, I wanted to be a revolutionary. Or should that be, an evolutionary?
I was so passionate about truth-slinging, about making change, about being bold and telling it like it is. Still so wildly passionate about these things, when I observe others operating with and from this kind of stance (currently Russell Brand is my hero), I’m inspired beyond belief, thinking… where did I let my vision go? Why did I stop being so bold and courageous? When did I start worrying so much about what people think?

Last week, sitting with my dear pal Lisa Darveniza and co-creator of MANA BLEND (check it out!), we both realised that we have been modifying our truth, our own approaches to sharing our truth and our passions. Why? To fit in somehow, to be ‘accepted’. We both saw where we have felt the need to tweak our communication in order for it to be accepted more widely. The result has had a terrible effect on our creativity and had even stressed our working relationship. Watering down our truth, making it more digestible to the masses, feeling the need to ‘tone down’ or to ‘jazz up’ our communications resulted in us both feeling massively drained of energy, truly bored and god forbid (!) with apathy biting at our heels.



How many of us are toning ourselves down in order to fit in?
How many of us have so much more to say, more passion to add to the wheels of revolution, so much more energy that we’d naturally direct toward making big change here, if only we felt it was safe, that we would be received?

Our world is one where conventionality is applauded, where conforming and fitting in with the Jones’s is encouraged, where letting go of your passions in the place of choosing more ‘serious’ or mundane pastimes is deemed ‘wisdom’. I see people everywhere slaving away at jobs they hate just so that they can attain the physical status symbols that also don’t make them happy. And the wisdom of this is rarely questioned. We even see people defending the current economic and social systems with all their zest and vigour, having never really taken the time to analyse or assess these systems objectively. Such is the power of fear within people to tear down mental constructs that they’ve clung to all their lives. Or perhaps it’s their family and friends that has clung to these beliefs and they dare not rock the boat. Whatever, the current systems on our planet are insanely unhealthy. I am reminded of the wonderful Indian philosopher, Krishnamurti, who says:


Therefore, it must also run that adjusting our communications to be received by a profoundly sick society is a useless endeavour, if indeed we are out to make change in that society. Look at the current state of play in media and mass communications in our world. Let’s look at marketing and the way people are being tricked into buying things. We are most appalled at the way this is rife in the ‘health’ industry. Manufacturers of ‘health products’ are using marketing to bewitch people, chucking in any old ingredients that are conventionally-grown with toxics, making earning and extracting money out of the public the main aim. The true care factor for peoples health is close to zero.



Marketing is atrocious worldwide, almost never authentic in their choice of words, in their use of the human body.
And how are we ‘marketing’ ourselves? Look at even the way individuals are scared shitless to be honest and vulnerable with their communications? People are bent on only advertising the ‘positive’, Facebook is crammed with everything-is-fine-over-here sentiments, people constantly dressing themselves up and sharing all the wonderful, incredible, fantastic, sickly-sweet and the amazing. Meanwhile, in their hearts and lives behind closed doors, something else is going on.

For gods sake, can I please just get a glass of authenticity here? I’m dying of thirst for reality! I’m sick of the uniforms of consumerism, the uniforms of the rebels, the copying, the fads. I’m sick of nearly every Instagram page looking now like an out-of-integrity fashion magazine. I’m sick of every ‘spiritual’ festival reeking of trendiness and poncey rote-learned jargon.

How authentic are you being right now in your life?
One of the greatest defences against the machine of consumerism and that elite few that are puppeteering the conformist, disempowered, lackey-like swathes of humanity and wrecking our delicate environments and the ecological balance on Planet Earth, is your authenticity.
Yes, a Big Brother-like state is actually occurring here, and while we cruise along as one of the herd (and the majority of ‘alternative’ cultures are just as controlled), we are so easily swept up by the distractions of entertainment, of so-called news, of fashion, sports and ‘the arts’. Meanwhile something else is going on.
Says Russell Brand, commenting on the ugliness of Australian parliament, “It masks reality, this process. It’s not an honest discussion of reality, it’s people stating really obvious things and concealing things that are necessary, truthful and relevant.”
The same could be said for the majority of communicative processes in our world today. I love how Russell Brand actually has the courage and gall to poke such fun at the utter rediculousness of our politicians and of our system altogether. What a relief! Watch this clip below, it’s utterly hilarious and ON POINT.

I came here to help. Ever since a wee child, I knew I was here to rattle and shake and help along the revolution at this time. And I’m dedicated and more aware than ever that I must strive to be as authentic as humanly possible with my truth, with what I see, with the changes we need to make, with the state of play on our planet. Sugar-coating everything all the time with witty quotes, fluffy kitten pictures and/or fantastic pictures of bikinis on islands is not the whole picture, not even a fraction of it, it’s not reality. Stating the bleeding obvious all the time is also not helping. We’re not fools and we don’t need to hear the same irrelevant thing said with different words fourteen times, dear leaders, dear pop-culture stars, dear Facebook ‘friends’.

Let us not obey.

Let us be authentic in our lives and in our speech. For our children’s sake.

Fire Mane



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