Tuesday 14th April

Time bends, and is relative.

What appears as one day to some, can be an aeon in another part of our Universe.

I watched Interstellar on the plane from Sydney to Auckland and have been, once again, greatly humbled by the forever mysteries and cosmic genius of our Universe. Wormholes and black holes. Bending cosmic fabric. Revisiting and jumping time by surfing other dimensions.

A little less difficult to wrap our heads around, perhaps, is that I have lived this day twice.

Firstly, in Australasia, waking in Maroubra, kissing my friend goodbye and jumping a taxi for four more of my total of five flights to the destination. Secondly, I see this day, Tuesday 14th April, in South America, drinking coffee in Santiago, marvelling at the dusty view of the surrounding mountains, calmly waiting the fourth flight towards Cusco. Destination Lima.

In the movie, the concept is presented that those paranormal communications that we can encounter are potentially delivered by those souls we know very well indeed, from another time/space. It raised the question within me of support and the support we are at times unknowingly given by beings around us, people around us, friends and family, and at times, angels.

We sometimes feel that these angels are personally unknown to us and from higher planes. Could it be that these helpers are different, higher aspects of those humans very close in to us? I know a man who felt he was protected and guided through his earlier years by an angel. He shared that he realized that that angel was me. And this is what I’m talking about and inspired by in this moment.


The way we are working together toward a common goal in sometimes very different ways. What appears as an obstacle is oftentimes recognised as a beneficial advancement of our trajectory. But we see things through very limited filters. I know I do. And I’m inspired to take off the worm’s eye view-style glasses and FEEL the cosmic wormhole reality. Especially in this area of support.

There are people that will support you in a way that does not always feel so comfortable. They will confront you to see your shadow, or they will act out in theirs to push you to accept all. One of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful, experience of my ego-life is when a group of people that loved me enough to risk our separation stood for Love and called me out on all my shadow areas. They called me strong and shattered all the fear and control and defence that I had built up around these darker areas of my being. Man. Did I fall apart that day. It was a warrior day for me. And although it hurt like hell and I felt that I died in many ways, I still remember those people with power and truth and great love.

There are people that will support you in a way that feels good and gentle and cosy and warm, and what a treat that is to experience. This is wonderful and welcome, but personally, the greatest teachers I have had are the ones that confront my limited sense of reality and ego and righteousness and make me question things deeply. The resistance that we feel in these moments is always a great indicator of gold coming our way. I have also felt that short moments with these beings can be more impactful than years with others.

There are people that will see you and support you in ways that you had never imagined, that stretch you toward your Greatness in an accelerated and breathtakingly exciting way. I have had the pleasure of encountering such an angel these last 6 months. A woman who sees me in the energy world and is not afraid. A woman who is helping me translate my message into the very languages I’ve wanted to learn all my life. A woman who is setting a bar for me to rise to and break through, and I couldn’t feel more lucky for our meeting. Angels. Are. Operating.

I see the ones that can’t bring themselves to congratulate me on my successes as the ones confronted by shining, power and feminine magic, and in them I see the work still to be done. The Fear still has a grip within so many of us, me included at times. We continue to shed the light on our own shadow and fear. With humility and transparency. Disbanding its power.

For my own journey, I have known that at my greatest times of expansion or creative leap, when I am about to deliver something super powerful and/or new to our world, opposition to this movement is sizeable and most commonly comes at me through the mind.

I systematically experience this, and have had enough experience with this phenomenon now not to buy into it. It commonly tells me that I ‘know nothing and will fail.’ ‘Who are you to do this?’ it asks me, without caring for my answer.

I remember just before launching my 3-day workshop (which has had huge successes and made true love change in many, many lives and families), the voices told me that I know nothing, and what’s the point of it all? I remember sticking a proverbial middle finger up to this energy and going anyway. I’m so glad I did!

They’re at me again, telling me I can’t succeed in music, that my message is dishwater, that my voice is not powerful, that women have no place here and that the men just want to squash us anyway. What a load of rubbish. Thank goodness I have enough years under my belt to recognise that none of this is Truth and that I am indeed powerful, as is this message of Love. And again, a middle finger waves in the air to this opposition. A loving middle finger, with beautiful nails and a gold ring handed down to me from my Ukrainian Babusa. The power mama finger. The strong bones that have walked aeons of this, here for this moment.


I am welcoming in support and help at this moment, more than ever before. Connections, opportunities, visions, co-writings, financial support, creative collaborations, I am OPEN! I am a strong mama and I’ve done so much in my life and I continue to do so much and am able to pull it all off relatively seamlessly. But at times I’m tired. And these are the times I must open to more help. I was hugely confronted by the idea of launching a crowd funding campaign initially. I felt that it was lazy and that I should just go out there and make the money I need to furnish my goals all myself. I see how this is part of my do-it-all-myself attitude and my control. My inability to humble and ask for help that I need. My habit of taking on another project and working day and night when I could welcome in others to help me carry this.

I said, I can just facilitate more workshops to raise what I need for my album and it’s launch. And yes, it’s true. I can. And I will. But I have already mastered Do It All Myself. And my dear pal questioned me, ‘What about all your connections that love you and your work and cannot attend a workshop and that would love to support you right now?’ She was right. And I softened. And I decided to run the POZIBLE campaign. And I am still confronted by it but I am doing it anyway, because I know there is Truth in it. I know that it’s time for us to work together. More and more.

Please, dear family.

Please visit my campaign on POZIBLE named PACHAMAMA PLEDGE. This is the name of my album that I am endeavouring to record this August. With your help. For every donation, there is a reward. There is exchange. This is not just money given freely for nothing in return.

I pray that you give your help to me and that you can share this campaign with other people that might feel the energy of my offering and may want to help me also. Can I ask that of you? Could you share this with your network? I know there are people out there who may not even now me but may feel inspired to support this music, this heart, this message. Please CLICK BELOW.


I believe in angels. I believe in us, and I believe that we are freeing our Planet. Bit by bit. We are doing it.

I pledge myself to doing it more and more, with my voice, with my heart, with my music, with my stories.

I believe in our children. I want them to grow in Love and Fearlessness.

I want to inspire the mamas and the papas, the future mamas and the future papas.

I carry the mountain magic and the condor song.

I carry the timeless African shamaness beat, the Apache courage and the flamenco soul and passion.

I open up to the nothingness of Love and our Ascended Master Lady Nada for my journey.

I give thanks to all my relations, all my darling friends and family all around the world that continually flow me love, respect and support.

I give thanks to my children, for taking me on the most sacred journey of all. Motherhood.

I understand Pachamama’s plight through my motherhood.

I understand the wildness of Nature through my emotions.

The power of woman is strong.

Denying her in yourself is foolish.

Her mysteries are the Universe’s birthplace. The womb of creation. The nothingness before Form.

As Lovers, we unite as one. She and He. Within me.

Its our Time to Shine now. My time. Your time.

Nobody does what you do better.

Let’s go!

The Angels are (with) us.



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