I’m DONE! (Only just beginning.)

After two and a half years of facilitating healing workshops I have decided to stop. The decision has come quite quickly and the freedom I have felt in making the decision has been epic. The mind wanted to sabotage this freedom by dangling carrots in front of me such as ‘but the workshops are so effective’ and ‘the workshops are changing lives’ and ‘you make your living from your workshops’, but the truth of the matter is that I’m ready for something else now. Holding on to something or someone (or anything for that matter) for longer than is healthy is crippling spiritually and I am so ready to let go of my current state of play to choose new projects, to create afresh and with more power. photo (8) Damn! How exciting! To know that we can completely reinvent our lives, change our focus, our direction, our identity with just a simple decision. One of my teachers always told me that us humans are naturally so spontaneous and creative and that we might only need one week in a dream job that we’ve wanted for years and years to have gotten all the lessons and to jump out again and do something else. Hanging around is not powerful. Drawing things out is not powerful. Being absolutely on the edge at all times is. And that’s how I’d like to live my life from now on. On. The. Edge. Cosy corners dull our spirituality and our creativity. And I recognise that I’ve been hanging in a cosy corner for a while now.. The corners of my ability are full of cobwebs. Stretch! Time to find out what I’m made of and time to find out what I want to do that gives me MORE joy and MORE satisfaction. So, I’m getting a couple bands together! The time for my music has come. Fire Mane, spirit songstress. Power Mama. Fire Mama. And a second project, The Amplafires.  But before that, I wish to speak from this place of deep gratitude for the work I have done and am completing now. Since July 2012, I’ve been working so hard with my sound healing workshops, in Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, Peru and in Hawaii. I’ve done 32 of my 1-day workshops and 10 of my 3-day workshops and I’ve facilitated sound work at 4 spiritual retreats in Arizona, NSW and Cusco, countless sound healing concerts, journeying deeply into the heartspace of 946 people in total. Every single person I’ve worked with has gone incredibly deep in my shamanic journeys. There’s not one person that did not crack open their heart incredibly wide. I am forever grateful and deeply honoured by all the people that have trusted me so implicitly and let me into their deepest heartspace. IMG_1110 I have seen the most incredible changes in peoples lives, families restored, illnesses healed, huge amounts of negativity dissolved. This truly has been the most epic 2.5 years.. Tonight in Riddells Creek in Melbourne, I sat in our closing circle at my very last 3-day workshop, A Love Story in Sound, and hearing the changes and benefits that the people had experienced.. I really had to hold myself together in order not to fall into a puddle of grateful tears. I realised this is the last time I shall sit in this circle. photo 3-2 I have done good work. I have been working hard for my brothers and sisters. I am so happy with what I have achieved. THANK YOU to all of you who have been part of this magnificent chapter of my life. I have learnt so, so very much from you all! I shall never forget what I have seen, what I have felt in all of you. I shall never forget the pink ‘hucha’ hearts from my 1-day workshops, all tear and saliva stained. How many of those did I cut out over the years? I shall never forget those of you so confronted to go deep, gripping my hands and saying ‘I can’t do it’ and then trusting, going with me and breaking through to heart freedoms not felt before. I shall never forget the feeling in the circle at the beginning of the 1-day, the kinetic potential, the confront, the hearts exposed. The beautiful music and songs I had carefully chosen for each process will forever remind me of you all. Sound Soulsters at the Kookaburra health retreat small I shall never forget the incredible bonding that was created after journeying together for 3 days, these soul families created, the trusted and solid friendships that have grown as a result. I am happy with the work I have done.

photo 3-3

In a sea of cuddles at the finale, A Love Story in Sound, Melbourne, January 2015.

===== But now, this songbird must fly. The visions are coming true. I want to reach more people and in a way that is more accessible to all types of folk. So, I am creating two musical vehicles to bring home the messages. The Amplafires:  I feel this band to be like a white arrow, absolutely slicing through illusion and restoring people to their inherent power, burning away the illusion that we are anything but Great & Spirit. Fire Mane, the essence of the Mother’s Prayer in Body and Song. Both bands are coming to your part of the world. We’re on missions. LOVE missions. And we will complete the mission. Damned if I’m resting until harmony is restored on this planet. You can bet on old Fire-Mane. She’s a goer. Nothing’s changed. Nothing will. Spirit is Spirit. Mission is Mission. But now we’re getting closer. And So. Am. I.   firemaneblack Thank you all so much for the support you’ve given me. Please continue to send your backing through the airwaves as we need it more than ever. Frontliners need solid backing. Thank you so much. Please also note that I will pretty much only be using Facebook from now on as a promotional tool for events. I will be moving all my personal sharing and blogging to this website so please do subscribe to my blog if you like hearing from my heart. I will be bringing out some online mentorship offerings in a couple months so please do let me know if that interests you and why. I’d love to know what you’d love to know! x



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5 responses to “I’m DONE! (Only just beginning.)

  1. Raquel Trevino

    That was an amazing story and affirmations. You go, girl! I want a CD.
    Many blessings on your paths,
    Three Feathers

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaa! Light the world up baby! Boom! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

    Love Billa .

    Lets make the Earth a beautiful place where dreams come true and children are happy.


  3. Fly high with your wings spread wide open. Your power radiates from the page. Hope to welcome you in the Netherlands. Thank you for all the work you have shared. Thank you for all the love you spread. Walk light and strong sister. Your dreams come true.

  4. Wendy MacKinnon

    Waaaoooooowwwww! Beautiful woman, you are amazing! I’ve not met you yet in person, but I will. You are so inspiring and I love reading EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. that you write. I truly FEEL it within me. I’m so happy for you and the way you describe your love —–now THAT is amazing. Yaaaay! Have the best time ever! Sending so much love!💕

  5. Beautiful and Brave Woman!! Ah, yes, I remember that “hucha heart” well – what came out of me I had no idea was even in me! Thank you, thank you, thank you for always being willing to STEP OUT and STEP IN. You never cease to amaze and inspire! Take your magic out into the world once again…. You are always welcome in Peru!

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