Finally, while the heavy rains slow and become a steady tapping beat on my Nashua rooftop, I’m ready to write again. For months now I’ve felt compelled to spill out and share of this incredible wealth of experience I’ve cultivated since I last wrote. My GOD. Was it May?? It feels, truly, like an aeon ago. I have shape-shifted at least a couple of times since then into new versions of myself. And this current state of me, with this rain, this candle-light, this glass of red grape soul, is finally ready to write.

Big out breath.

I feel the game quickening.

Harmony WILL be restored to Planet Earth in this lifetime. That humans WILL live in absolute truth of their purity IS sure. It’s WRITTEN. It IS a reality. And it’s going to happen in my lifetime. I refuse to close my eyes with death until I am sure this world is free. I speak for myself, I speak for my love, an equally determined being in the game of freedom, I speak for those light-workers very close in to me. We KNOW. There is no other option. We came here to do this and we were born to liberate our world.

The last months, the last weeks and more specifically, the last 24 hours, have taught me much about who I am in relation to LOVE.

When I was younger, I was very much enthralled with the esoteric studies of the Kabbalah. The ancient system of the Tree of Life and its steps, it’s sephiroth, those universal stages that bridge the extreme stretches of creation.. And the sephiroth, or stage, that always grabbed my soul and spoke to my spirit the most was GEBURAH. It was beautifully depicted by a mother-warrioress, her tiny children cowering behind her legs as she raised that huge sword high above her head with every ounce of courage and command to SLAY ANY DAMN THING THAT CAME BETWEEN HER AND HER CHILDREN.

Somehow, for whatever reason, I relate to this energy. This is a part of my magic. To see what is out there, to see what is limiting us, to see what is entrapping humanity, and to SLAY IT. My heart is huge and my heart is deep and strong. I feel to the depths and can cry with any being for anything. But truly, my power lies in staring something straight in the eyes and saying I SEE YOU and YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

Whether your awareness extends to seeing what is happening on Planet Earth or not, doesn’t matter. But what does matter is that your hope is absolutely restored in that WE HAVE GOT THIS. Humanity is cracking through and threshing off the shackles! Our hearts are being restored to their pure state!

DOWN to fashion and comparisons, exclusive energies, clubs, subtle or physically established. Nothing to do with LOVE!

DOWN to competition and force, trying, proving, making the grade. Nothing to do with LOVE!

DOWN to introversion and suppression, disempowering medication, manipulation. Nothing to do with LOVE!

DOWN to pornography (‘fashionable’ or overt), misuse of the human body, slamming of the feminine in the guise of ‘art’ or ‘honouring’. Nothing to do with LOVE!

DOWN to us thinking that we are separate, placing each other in levels of love, hierarchy, illusions of limits. Nothing to do with LOVE!

ALL of these energies pervade our community and are dressed up as something else, something digestible, something acceptable. As Liz says, the New Age arena, (or any hard-line fixed point against it) is just a fabulous way to ‘park’ people. It is time for us to take off the masks and SEE. Are you courageous enough? Are you willing to eat humble pie and experience ick to be TRUE TO LOVE? Are you able to let help in and be humble to admitting your blind spots? Are you WORKING IN OUR TEAM for love? x


I feel a quickening. My responsibility has increased tenfold in the last 24 hours it seems. Something has occurred where limitation is encroaching on one I hold very dear – and I am feeling like a ferocious animal to stop this rabid, out-of-control energy that is taking us. x I am driven. I am ready to lose friends. x I am ready to create absolutely from my LOVE and from BEINGNESS – no need to ‘do’ anything. I’m not here to ‘do’, although I do a lot. I am here to BE FIRE-MANE. The magic of my being is power enough.


I am deeply in love. x

The man who has always spoken to my soul and who has danced with my spirit for aeons, the one I always knew was coming but was looking for in other reflections, much to my confusion, is here. He’s back. We rejoice in our reunion. We remember our parting last time. x Always we’ve lived for the mission of restoring LOVE on this planet. x This life is no exception.

I know as our team strengthens, as this frontline grows and widens, as this natural and timely swell of TRUTH, PURITY & LOVE washes over our Planet, we are being RELIEVED. x We all know it’s coming, that’s why we’ve come here at this time. Let us awaken truly and deeply to our purpose in LOVE right now and shine so so incredibly brightly! Let us identify with objectivity whatever is in our space that is NOT love, let us separate from our ‘stories’ and see them for what they are – intentional limiting barriers that separate loving beings from each other. Take away the story and we POWER UP. x

I have never known HOPE and KINETIC MAJESTY so much as I do now. I can smell our collective FREEDOM.

I, Fire-Mane, commit, more than ever, to this Planet. To this space of Love. To this Paradise.

Inkakunaq! Children of the Sun! Richaryis! WAKE UP! Shout! Turn your eyes this way!

Blessings upon blessings upon blessings upon blessings.

Please send your support to those on the front line. We need you. We are all in this together. We are only as fast as our slowest member. We all go together. x Scooping every human up.

From a passionate, expanded, ever-intrigued heart…






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8 responses to “THE FRONT LINE

  1. Jasmin

    This post moved me in so many ways! Your words are perfectly divine and I can hear you shouting for us to come with you and move forward. Now is the time, and we are your people. Let’s do it for LOVE!

  2. Yes.yes.yes.yes.yes!! INSPIRED reading these words! Reading this gives me the energy to CONTINUE! I love you Fire-Mane, I am humbled and grateful to receive your blessings XXX BACKING you BIG TIME with huge LOVE.

  3. Christy Greenwood


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  4. tarsha

    ohhhhh this soul does love you!!!!! precious, powerful, timely words!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU XXXXXX

  5. I feel our ONENESS in your words, sister. Never have I encountered another being with the FIRE I have carried all my life and into death and back again. Blessings and beyond. We live without limitation. YES the New Earth is already here–I AM LIVING IT with every fiber of my being as are you.

  6. Wendy MacKinnon

    I love what you write. I love your passion and Truth. I can FEEL what you are writing. Thank you. Thank you!

  7. Blessings to YOU, sister! And a big hug too. Here’s to Love, here’s to Freedom, here’s to LIFE. With you all the way, with every atom of my being. Our spirit is our compass, and we shall NOT go astray. x

  8. Kaggi Valentine

    i hear you and rejoice in these words, my own path is strong and clear and I too am committed to love, to peace and to this Earth. We chose to be here now and we are the change, I’m inspired that you see this in your lifetime, it gives me such hope and reflects my experience of the Peace Trail, Te Huarahi o Rongomaraeroa, it’s happening right now and all we have to be is open, courageous, trusting of our own gifts and loving the gifts of others! I am so excited to be singing with you sister in a weeks time!!! Love Kaggi xxx

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