Going for God.

The Sacred Valley of Peru – Monday 19th May, 2014.


Once again, I’m in my beloved homeland. The place where my spirit soars highest. The place where I feel more of my inner certainty than anywhere else! The very place where my greatest teachers abide, where the wind speaks my name, where I seem to have always lived.


I am currently inspired by the phenomenon of greatest lessons and gold being offered when all we want to do is give that to others. It seems that every time I step up more and fully commit to a role of service, I receive the greatest insights, the greatest healings for me. I guess this is not so unusual? It only makes sense that the language of God streams through more audibly, with more colour and sensuality when we consciously walk the path toward Her, letting go of our own Life, our own needs, our own vision. It also makes sense that to commune more clearly with God, in a manner that is truly 2-way, we have to have unravelled as much of our own trauma as humanly possible. I further commit to cleaning myself completely. How can  we guide others to open their hearts if ours are not completely open and exposed? YES. I’m willing to open mine even more more more, to dissolve myself completely and utterly into the service of God.


I am, without a shadow of doubt, a woman who serves the human heart. It is my undying and ever-growing passion to see the human heart in power. I just finished my very first PACHAR TAKIY Peru pilgrimage with 19 incredible souls, and the most impressive, important, purposeful part of the whole tour for me was the way that the humans came in really close and exposed their hearts like true warriors. This was my gold. This is real triumph! To help and to see precious human beings bear their all. It takes a huge amount of courage! I always say that it takes way more courage to bear your heart completely – to the depths – than to go to war. There are a myriad of clever ways that humans like to hide their hearts, and I’m ready, with love, to expose these barriers. The judgements, the pointing outward, the adherence to strict protocols and dogmas, the intellectual reasoning, the sense of authority.

I call on all true love warriors, those that are ready to shine all their love light into our world, to commit to self-healing with ardent fervour right now, to seek out and expose all those shadow corners that affectively control your ability to be in your power in this moment and to heal those areas with grace and ease, with fellowship and the support of all those around you. Let others carry you while you heal yourself completely. Let the love IN. Let the pride GO. Surrender to the spirits of healing that surround you. Surrender to the mountain spirits and to the Water. Surrender to looking ugly for a while as the healing takes place. Surrender to wachuma and surrender to movement – healing energetic movement. Seek out the movement! Seek out the natural flow of energies to their rightful place! Let go of your ideas of yourself until who you really are shines forth. Let go of all your ‘powers’ until your spontaneous, natural gifts to Life shine through.

Seek to be in FLOW. Seek to tap all stagnant areas and release the trapped energy within them. Give it over to Pachamama, along with all your Gratitude. Give to her your finest energies in exchange.

Be in EXCHANGE with the Universe!

Follow Spirit.


My first ever tour to the Sacred Valley of Peru finished yesterday. I am reeling with the incredible sensations of absolute success, of sheer triumph! What an incredible success it was, and I couldn’t have imagined it to have been any better in any way. The love, the connections, the integrity and genuine nature of all the participants, the epic adventuring, the spiritual guidance, the deepest healing and humbling experiences, the food, the music, the textures, the BELLY LAUGHS! Oh! I’ll never forget those belly laughs!! We listened to Spirit’s call and we came to the mountains. And the mountains showed up for us. Big time.


Gracias Apu Machu Picchu, Gracias Yanantin, Gracias Ausangate, Gracias Pachatusan! Gracias a Pachamama! A Tayta Inti! A Mama Killa! I feel deeply gracious to my spirit brother, Luis Quispe, pampa mesayok, who dreamed this in, who called me forth and who is continuing to manifest this venture into the future for years to come with his clear spirit sight and his deep love for all things alive on Pachamama.  Gracias to my brother Simon Myburgh and his deeply exquisite family, Mark his brother and his mama Lesley, darling darling soul family of mine. Thank you Simon! Look at what we’re creating!! Gracias a PUMITA, my newest spirit buddy, thank you for SEEING ME and knowing what I’m all about, thank you for guiding me and helping me to know that I’m most certainty on track – for helping me to conquer doubt in all the ways it tries to reach me. You have changed my life! Gracias to my dear dear pals in Light, Meredith Shippam and Sean West, for all that you gave, for all that you did for the people.  You showed UP, and I’ll never forget it. You know how much I love you…. Words in black and white just don’t cut it.


And to all the darling friends and family that are reading this post. I thank YOU for all the support you are continuing to give me and my Life, my mission here. I feel you all and I always have. At times it has been overwhelming to feel so much support from so many, but regardless, I am SO grateful for it and it means a huge amount to me. I receive.. I surrender and I receive your Love. THANK YOU.

Please do align to come to the Sacred Valley of Peru with me at some point. It is an experience and a journey that is so incredibly rewarding on every dimension. We have created a masterpiece and we will continue to deliver it until God says otherwise. x Right now, God is telling me that what I am doing here is very much needed. That so many would benefit enormously from experiencing the healing available in this Valley. And so I say, YES.


With greatest and deepest MUNAY, with combined Love and Intention,





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One response to “Going for God.

  1. naominonu

    Oh Honey-Voice,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    The passion, life and love that flows through you reaches the depths and heights of my heart!

    The inspiration and tingling confirmation that arises when I tune into you opens me to serve more fully.

    I am in awe of the greatness that is within you, within me and within us!!!

    What joy is ours.


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