Brrrring Brrrring! Your Destiny’s calling!

My latest fascination and endeavour:  To create the fastest map ever for humans to free completely from the controls of the mind. Behind those controls, Love Reigns. WE reign.
True Freedom & the Majesty of the Human Race and Our Planet Earth Awaits. We are getting very, very close now…
Like a key turned that opens the lock, it’s going to be that simple. It always has been and it always will be.
Like a cheetah, this Freedom will bolt all over the world. No more separation from Love and no more distortion of the Truth.

This is my Purpose now.

I write this as I fly through the air, thousands of metres above the oceans, destination: Isle of the Gods.

I am lured by mystery and by deep, deep Love.

I heed a Spirit call.
At home, I may occasionally ignore my landline or I may not immediately respond to the personal messages I receive each day.
But if there is one thing I have learnt, it’s this: Heed the Spirit Call.
Are you listening to the Brrring Brrrring of your heart?
Are you honouring what your precious Spirit desires to do? To be? To have? To experience?
Or have you let our world, via your mind, shut down your Spirit line?
My Life has evolved into an ever-flowing stream of ultimate experiences. I live on the edge. I am free to move as I need to.
I have created and continue to create opportunities for myself and others to grow in love & abundance, and it’s psychedelically colourful. The colours of my Life literally burn off the page. Colours of Richness, Success, Humility, Excitement, All-Consuming Love, Clarity, Valour, Connection, Activation. I am ever-grateful, grateful, grateful to the teachers who have helped me create a dream Life where I am acknowledged for who I really am.
Spirit calls in many ways, right? Sometimes loud and clear like being hit by a Mack truck, other times like a coded whisper just grasped on a passing breeze. We are all called by Spirit to experience LIFE, and it’s these experiences calling to us that act as divine messengers, delivering pieces of our own soul puzzle back to us. Perhaps you are called to learn African dancing. Perhaps you are called to buy a flock of goats and make goats cheese. It doesn’t matter what it is. I have been called to travel to Bali and am now flying through the air to honour that calling. I’m not going to relax on a beach. I’m not going to shop. On one hand I don’t really know why I am going, my MIND doesn’t know why I am going. But spiritually, I am going with the full knowing that there are great keys for me there, otherwise I simply wouldn’t be called. Last week I was called to purchase the drums of my mate Focus. My mind told me that I couldn’t really afford to buy those drums right now, but I have been living through the language of Spirit too long to deny it, and so after all of twenty seconds of mind attack, I tuned back into the Spirit call and said ‘OK, YES, I hear you,’ and those drums came home to me. For what purpose, I’m not quite sure right now. Yet I trust my Spirit. I trust it’s language.
My mind might try to ‘work it out’, but in that very moment, the magic would be lost.
Lost magic = humans acting as drones = disconnection to our Mother Nature = Mind over Spirit
That is what is happening mostly on our Planet: people are not living their spirit dreams because their mind is still trying to work it all out. Why, How, When etc. We are so busy trying to control the bejeezus out of our dreams with our minds. Dream language, the language of real magic, is Spirit Call and Spirit Response.
Do you let your Spirit respond to your callings?
Or are you responding from your mind?
Please do have a good feel into this. There is a marked difference and you will be able to feel it when you are honest with yourself.
Spirit will respond regardless of how much $ is in the bank account, regardless of how much time the boss says you can have off, regardless of the other commitments that are in the way.
Spirit responds and SOARS. Spirit’s response is clear and unwavering.
Spirits response has no concept of conditions and physical considerations.
And when we respond to Spirit, we are more than looked after. Magic Happens and we are carried along the way. Divine alignments occur, what-the-??? kind of coincidental meetings occur, people offer us their houses and cars and all sorts of physical support (love language) occurs.
Spirit doesn’t operate in conditions of Why, How, When. The sooner we recognise this and recognise that MAGIC doesn’t operate from within these limitations, the closer we will get to living a magical life, to really pulling off a sense of Freedom. Freedom from the Mind.
But even here, our minds may be saying ‘Yes, Yes I know all this.’
No. I would wager that you don’t know it. Otherwise you’d be living it. Knowing something intellectually is not knowing it as experience.
Reading Deepak Chopra is not going to launch you into a life of synchrodestiny.
What is?
You taking a leap and answering Spirit’s call. Not paying for the ticket, not finally quitting that job, but answering the call.
Honouring your Spirit language. Speaking back with a YES.
It takes balls to operate from Spirit because yes, a leap is required.
You DO have wings. You ARE a condor. But while you never use those wings to fly, how will you ever recognise yourself?
So you must leap. And then you’ll see.
We recognise ourselves in the spiritual risks and courageous chances we take, not by playing cosy corners and waiting for someone or something to hand-deliver our dreams on a platter. With fries. And a lift home thanks.
No siree. Grow the potatoes, bloody chop them up yourself and walk the ten miles home.
Some hard yards are required and these take the form of RISK. JUMPING. TRUSTING.
Trust in the Universe. Trust in God. Trust in Yourself.
Trust your Spirit Call.
It’s time for Humans to be Great.
Know Your Greatness.
With deepest love and a growing, experienced certainty of Who We Really Are,


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2 responses to “Brrrring Brrrring! Your Destiny’s calling!

  1. YES I AM LIVING DIRECT FROM SPIRIT’S CALL – and I am so grateful! When I look to my right and my left sides I now have flying beside me other great human spirits whose updraft lift my wings higher – and I laugh with my Brother the Wind, flush with Life’s great gift of breath and song.
    Fly well my Sister – Bali has great plans for you I can feel it. Until next these little black markings cross continents…

  2. raquel

    Thank you so much for your words, guidance and teachings, CFMHVC! I, too, am guided by Spirit and heed the call. I hear my intuition and listen. I was recently told to buy a drum and join a women’s drumming circle… Perhaps it is yours. Perhaps the divine feminine is calling to us and the drum will draw the spirit through us and help humanity rise to greatness. Send your prayers up through the drum, let us hear your voice among the winds…
    3 Feathers 💙✨

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