DEATH. I’m ready.


I feel my purpose so strongly. I could never have imagined my creation, A Story In Sound, to have been so much of a success last weekend in Sydney..

OUr Beautifull Tribe.A Story In Sound1.2.C.Sachs

In the physical, it appeared to be a group of incredibly courageous, open, willing folk – the real deal – banding together to experience and discover new shamanic ways of relating to power and healing via vibration and voice. But in the metaphysical, so so much more was happening. When I close my eyes and try to recount it, it was like a double-toroid spread from my heart and within it were 24 portals into other ancestral and dimensional lines – through blood and through soul – and all were opened for us to travel through and discover and heal. And we did that in full integrity, safety, courage and honour. Such is the beauty of the human warrior. Such is the beauty of the shamanic way. To journey between worlds and perform miracles. Miracles of love. Miracles of healing. Our space out of space teemed with animals and plants and colours and orbs and apus and all manner of saints, guides, gurus, goddesses…. x

Like a thick-cut piece of rainbow love-pie. We had it all in our hands that weekend. And we ate it together.. which always makes things taste better. To share…. x To heal together.

I really and truly believe that I could die happily now. OK, so I haven’t travelled in a UFO yet this lifetime.. but y’know what? Nothing could satisfy more than what I experienced, felt and saw last weekend within those hearts. Nothing. The magic and mystery of this planet’s ways and her heart is no less unfathomable than the mysteries of the further galaxies. As above, so below. Do you know how to look?

I recall the first moments I decided to create another level or a deeper layer to my sound healing discoveries & offerings and I remember how strongly my mind tried to thwart my heart’s efforts. I remember my  mind telling me ‘What do you know? Who do you think you are?’ etc etc. MY GOD! What I created and successfully delivered last weekend was utterly majestic, ‘a masterpiece’ as one participant put it. The love in that room.. the families reunited as a result of our journeying between worlds, the empowerment attained, the absolute life-changing awarenesses, decisions, affirmations… the deep ancestral healings…. x  Floods of tears became me, once again, as I watched and felt the people share their wins at the end of the 3-day journey. To know that I am living my purpose, living a life to light a torch, to light a way for souls to remember themselves, to remember their power, to remember their sovereignty and to remember their insanely potent powers of healing and communication….

I. Could. Die. Now.

Good thing I’m a rotten Aries and can’t stop creating for love nor money. HA. x

You ain’t rid of me just yet…. xxx

I birthed another masterpiece. x I’ve got tonnes more up my sleeve, I just know it. x

More than ever, my instinct to mother, protect and guide is super strong. This dual feeling of being ready to die now and feeling so much more ahead is incredibly freeing….x

The point to this post? I don’t know… does there need to be one? I’m happy. I’m proud of what I’ve created. I’m proud of people. I’m proud of the human heart and it’s strength, vulnerability and resilience and depth. I’m proud of Pachamama for acing through this. ACE. She’s just ACE.

And I’m proud of you. Whoever you are and wherever you are.

I love you.

Come journey with me one day………




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2 responses to “DEATH. I’m ready.

  1. Dear Sacred Sound Sister: I will come to journey with you – perhaps sooner rather than later. I am a SoundWeaver from British Columbia Canada, currently under soul’s contract with Water, inviting people back into their sacred relationship with Water through sacred sound and ceremony.

    I will email you directly to say more about what I have been shown about our connection and I AM SO GRATEFUL for your capacity to share such wordless experiences so articulately with the rest of us.
    We are indeed living in transcendent times – thank Goddess we’all stayed around to have our life purpose come into right timing.

    Until we sound in live audio and In loving flow,
    Danielea Castell

  2. jane eivers

    Your happiness is wonderful to witness…thanks for sharing beautiful shiney woman:) huge hug

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