Dead saints or luscious queens? Roses for nothing.

I inspire you to give more to yourself.

My beautiful friend Meredith Shippam told me yesterday, “Chrissie, you give like the sun.” I never actually stop. Even when I think I’m not giving, I am. In some subtle way.

I broke down for giving too much of myself. I broke down for not being given to as much as feels healthy and balanced. Yes, I am strong and yes, I can heal and yes, I can help and yes, I care. But there seems to be a gross misconception on our planet that says strong people don’t need support. If you’ve got it ‘all sewn up’, then people don’t give but expect even more from you. Without blame, without consciousness mostly. This is what I see. Most times, this world astounds me and I feel fully in love with it. But occassionally I am greatly disillusioned and really wonder, and mourn, where folks are at. It hurts my heart.

So….. I shall give more to myself… xxx

This week, when my heart was breaking and my mind felt as though it was melting down with the pressure of a million tugs at my energy, I ran a hot bath and poured in my favourite oils of ylang ylang and eucalyptus. I pulled the blood red rose petals from a bunch in the kitchen and scattered them in the water. And as I soaked, I committed to buying myself a bunch of roses every weekend, from this moment on. I will keep them in my home to inspire and spread beauty and then I will wear them in my hair all week long. I feel beautiful with roses in my hair. At the end of the week, I will take the petals and run a long, hot, oil-rose bath. Because I am a luscious queen. And I am deserving of this level of respect and care and receiving..

Can I inspire you to commit to one completely new weekly ritual that honours yourself, nurtures your soul and takes time out from Life to be kind? Something different… using space or actions or objects that you aren’t already relating closely with.. Something NEW. And if you are a single mother – healer – CEO – community giver, then I pretty much demand that you do this for yourself. 😉

With great love and blunt, in-the-moment heart-truths..







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6 responses to “Dead saints or luscious queens? Roses for nothing.

  1. Tonight I suggested to a client to go home and run herself a bath and I myself am en route to my own Winter Solstice bath as I check in and find you here Chrissie. I have plenty of oils but no roses at present. I’ll add an extra dash to my bath in celebration of luscious queens everywhere, whether or not they know who they are ❤

  2. I am so inspired by you. I am also fiercely committing to myself after a long time of not resting or receiving enough… Cheers to self love ❤ I love you!

  3. Beautiful Chrissie, if peeps lose alignment with evergiving Source, they start looking for the power/energy to come from strong ones around them – most unconsciously and some not so unconsciously. Your mere presence is a healing and a giving and that can lead peeps to think you don’t need anything yourself. Love, light, hugs and beautiful cosmic rays to you lovely. Nurture yourself. xox

  4. katrina ellen

    appreciated! queen of deities! i honor your work on these planes you walk! and roses, yes, what a lovely lovely ritual for a woman doing the hard slog for the goddess….. bless you! (by the way, rub in delicious oils before you get in to hot water, and they soak in deeper, it’s delicious! xx xx

  5. CC

    This is beautiful Christine!! I am happy for you and inspired by your ideas. I keep thinking yoga… As a single mom working as a nanny and a house keeper who could use it to calm my muscles and get the tension out of my legs at the end of the week, at the very least… It would be the perfect way to love myself, and give my body the treatment it deserves.

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