What a wonderful word that is, ‘unleashed’!

God knows that we wonderful witchy women have been leashed here on Planet Earth over the millennia. And it’s not just the women but our beautiful brothers also who have been recently ‘leashed’ by so many of the limiting ways of our modern society, so many of the true masculine powers being deemed ‘unnecessary’ in this convenient modern world.

What would it feel like to you to be truly UNLEASHED. What is holding you back? What limits are you putting on your energy? Which limits are you accepting from the world or people around you?

Powering up in this world can be a fight. We fight the good fight here on Planet Earth. We reclaim our powers inch by inch or in full-blown tidal waves, yet reclaim our power we must. We centre in our hearts, we drop deep into our healings, we eat the right foods, we avoid the media monster and pop arts and fashions that dull the true majesty of the human race and of this planet, we follow our passions, we watch our energies, we lead our children, we are led by instinct, we make bold and courageous decisions. We plant fruit trees, we honour the relations and delicacy of men and women together, we invest in self-care, we are confrontingly honest as much as we can possibly be, however uncomfortable… as we pave new ways of being that allow us to be truly powerful and UNLEASHED.

Please have a good listen to this interview by BRADLEY MORRIS of COWABUNGA LIFE in Canada. We talk about some fantastic topics and areas for unleashing YOUR powers.  If you find this medicine helpful and it resonates with your spirit, please do share it with as many people as possible!






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