A New Earth Is Rising….

(This blog post is best accompanied by Elijah Ray’s A New Earth Is Rising, on repeat. If you don’t own this magic already, find it. It is strong medicine.)

The only way to describe the way I got home last night is to say that I glided.

My support vehicle, The Condor, absolutely glided home so peacefully, so gently… and in fact, this 40-minute drive ended up being one of the most spiritually profound moments of my life.

After a truly beautiful day at a friend’s property tucked up near Minyon Falls, really right at the end of the crystal road, I drove away from some of my beloveds at nightfall with the Milky Way spraying its ancient wisdom all through me from above, the medicine of the San Pedro cactus more strongly affecting my heart and spirit than it had all that day, as I drove to meet my children, my most beloved of All.

Elijah Ray, one of the most profound souls to have touched my heart (thank you Brother Ray!) sang his song, A New Earth Is Rising through the stereo, over and over again as I calmly turned the wheel of my ship through this galaxy.. effortlessly, truly, reverently, bound for the babies of my belly, the guardians of my Life.

When I picked up my babies, we calmly and so openly shared our wins for the day. I told them all about the medicine and how it was making me feel and all that I wished for our hearts and our relationships and our lives. I told them that Elijah (their favourite now) was singing to us about our world changing and would they like to hear this magical song and sing along to it with me? ‘Yes mama’, their little voices chimed. Zion shortly fell asleep and my daughter, my precious, precious daughter and I drove toward what was one of the most powerful experiences of my Life.

Tears streamed down my face in rivers, without so much as a sound or even a slight movement in my shoulders, fluid and giving…. representing my gratitude for the Love that I share with my daughter, with my Life… ‘Thank you for being my daughter, Ini.. Thank you for being my daughter,” I repeated slowly, over and over again. Of all the beings and of all the places in the Universe, she chose to be my daughter, and the overwhelming love and gratitude I felt for this in this moment made my heart all but disappear into an ocean of all-consuming beingness in Love.

I reached my hand back to hold her little hand in the darkness, Elijah soothing us ever-deeper into the consciousness of what is actually occurring on this planet: WE ARE RISING. ‘A New Earth is Rising, Gaia is her name. A New Earth Is Rising, Nothing will ever ever be the same..”

And  in our rising, the GALAXY IS DESCENDING.

I touched Ini’s hand and immediately felt and saw in my spirit’s knowing the most beautiful celestial being I could ever imagine, a resplendent golden and peach butterfly golden ever-being, superfine, super beautiful and immense in every way, more golden that Light can be, more fine than the subtleties of the ethers, more ancient and knowing that God itself, within my daughter. This being is my daughter and is being delivered by my daughter and in holding hands with this being, I felt the golden light and love flood up my arms via our fingers and reach my heart. I am crying again now as I write. I have no words to describe this.

I know that the galaxies are with us and if we only feel with our hearts and trust with our hearts, then our experiences on the Spirit plane will show and connect us to more and more of the magic that is really occurring right now, on this New Earth. This is not the stuff you read about and not the stuff that YouTube will show you. But your heart, the medicines of the plant world, the medicine of the children, the medicine of music and Brother Ray, the medicine of the grandmother pouring from my heart, these are the portals for interactions that will show you with certainty that this New Earth is Rising and the Galaxies are Here.

“Two. Princesses.” Ini said to me.




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6 responses to “A New Earth Is Rising….

  1. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing this; I can feel the Truth and Love resonating in your words, and through them, to my heart of hearts.. x.

  2. So incredible magical beings

  3. Wendy MacKinnon

    So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience & allowing me to feel & be a part if it, as well. I am so happy for you. The experience you so gracefully described had me in tears & I’m sure, every other that read this. One day we will meet & I am so grateful already to know this. To be in your presence will be such a gift.

  4. Louise Benson

    thank you Chrissie I recieved such a beautiful feeling from reading your searing heartfelt words, and your souls appreciation of the choice in a real mum that Ini and Zion had made before coming.  As I was looking for New Earth Rising on the net, such a beautiful song I felt like I was in Hawaii !! it took me back to the Anastasia Books and a film that a Hawaiian and a Russian have put together New Earths Destiny it took me there because I think at some point in the film Elijah Ray sings New Earth Rising. I will be watching the whole hour later this weekend.  After I see our beautiful indigenous elder of Uluru Bob Randall tomorrow in Mosman

    thank you again Chrissie…I hear from Jen that your Manna Blend is now up and running 🙂


  5. Gabbi

    HELLO.. I am interested in hearing your voice but can’t find any examples or links… are you on soundcloud?

  6. Je suis venu sur ton site web par chance : je ne le regrette pas du tout !!

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