Pushed to go deeper….

It’s incredible.. this wave of confront that has come up over the last few days regarding my launching the next level of my sound healing work: A STORY IN SOUND – Intensive Workshop.

I notice that all the mind chatter that is doing its darndest to take me out, to stop me from thriving, from helping the planet.. it’s telling me, once again.. “what do you know?”   “how can you take this deeper, you know nothing!”  and other such bullshitteries.

That’s the mind for you. It’s wonderful if it’s trained to the buggery.

I know this is just another attempt for the collective drone-zone to stop me from delivering yet another experience and opportunity to empower beings and remind them of their sovereignty.

So I say to the mind-stuff…. “WATCH ME DANCE”, as I take this work to the next level and I bust limits and take groups to new heights. My mind is afraid of the power of my light.. the power of my love, which is no way airy-fairy. My rock-solid knowing of our power in the voice and my absolute capabilities to TAKE IT ON HOME.

I invite you all!




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3 responses to “Pushed to go deeper….

  1. Jocelyn Hansen

    Go Chrissie! I love it, sounds awesome! If you change your mind about bringing it to Melbourne this year sign me up!
    I’m trying to think of creative ways of making it to Bryon or Sydney also.
    Big love to you, I feel so inspired by you doing your thing and acknowledging the bullshitteries! Great word too. I’ve been listening to way too much of my minds bullshitteries – no more!

  2. Catherine

    For the past few months your blog has been something I always return to when I need some spiritual nourishment! I am grateful for your honesty and strength in that honesty! Thanks for the generous words of encouragement that radiate from your writing. It gives me greater courage to further my spirit and to begin to share it in ways I don’t even know are possible yet x

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