Surrender to Creation

Hawaiian Sanctuary, Big Island, December 30th.


I was laid out on an amethyst crystal bio-mat energy bed in complete surrender to the pain and fatigue my body was experiencing as a result of a tonsil infection and a mouth full of sores and throbbing. There were three men taking care of me, massaging my feet, my jaws and my head, making me up mouth-washes of garlic and oil.. sourcing clove oil for me, quietly speaking to each other about what I needed and going about giving it to me while I moved in between states of sleep and waking. It was so beautiful to feel the trust in others… these men were young, had knowledge and fresh, true care. x What a gift to have them around me!

The gifts that sickness can bring… x

The feeling of being completely nurtured by men. x  The feeling of not only allowing myself to let go but the knowing that this surrender was essential was a deeply moving experience for me. x Always looking after others, always looking after and planning for my children, too much on the giving/working flow and not enough self-care.. xx

The Surrender to Creation.. x  Not always do we need to be ‘active’ for the highest creations to unfold. x Not always do we need to be in control and crossing all T’s for highest purpose to manifest. x The delicate and exquisite dance between powering forward and dancing back for a while…. x True wisdom of our own rhythms is incredibly empowering! x


To Surrender to Creation… watching the fresh, earth creations pour from the lava tube in the pre-dawn light on January 2nd…. x  The overwhelming, mind-blowing beauty of that red hot earth floating, flowing, splurging, releasing, building, manifesting…  The palpable volcanic charge in the air.. PELE RISING. x Our whole group buzzed up beyond belief! x The medicine drum beat, the channeled sounds from far away and from close in coming through my voice, the wind absolutely ripping my old self APART!

And we surrender to this creation.. this beauty of what must come forth. x

The power to know our superpowers. The humility to know our simultaneous insignificance. What a delicious mixture of truths! x

Life is created around us, regardless of our will. x Our white blood cells go to war, regardless of whether our minds are paying attention.  We do our best and Life does it’s best around us too. x We dance together, this will and that. x

We honour the sun’s rise and it sets on its own. x

May your New Year be full of explosions and divine settlings also. x




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3 responses to “Surrender to Creation

  1. Nisha

    Beautifuly said, Christina. Trust that the clove oil worked and your moments of “pilikia” are over. Gorgeous photos of you & Pele! Big hugs X Nisha

  2. Your words are like a balm Christina. There are always so many hopes and expectations that come when the old year clicks over into the new. But all there is is surrender, exactly like you said. I’m going to be listening in to myself this year to find “the power to know my superpowers. The humility to know my simultaneous insignificance.” YES! I’m in awe of the generosity of beings like you who put out into the world as much and even more than they take. Happy travels, she who skips on volcanos. Lx

  3. Aho sister! That volcano lava flow is incredible. Grateful to those men looking out for you x

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