Red and Yellow and Pink and Green…

In thinking of a title for this post, that childhood song came into my head…. “Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Bluuuuuuee… I can sing a Rainbow, sing a Rainbow, sing a Rainbow toooo..”

Do you remember that one?

I have visions of us all being coloured threads… and together we weave the most incredible tapestry.

No matter if you’re blue…. or red with rage…. You’ll sit so perfectly next to the yellow and the rosy pink. From a much, much bigger picture, I’m sure it’s so clear that all of our states are so perfect.. and I don’t mean that in the ‘New Age’ blah blah kinda way. I mean really…. The Big Bang occurred (and shall occur again as far as I am concerned), for God to experience Itself fully. As is for us humans. We incarnated into a human body and existence surely not to constantly try to escape it and the full gamut of experiences and emotions that come our way.

I want to give thanks… HUGE HUGE HEARTFELT WAY-DOWN-TO-THE-DEPTHS THANKS to all the precious, precious souls that came to my workshops over the winter/spring in Australia. Each one of you has woven such a rich and intensely colourful explosion of joy, growth, expression and giving in my life. 199 of you. 199 souls…. all bearing themselves completely. Without YOU, our experience could not have been… and we all know how beautiful it was. You all bear a distinctly unique colour, and all these colours are necessary to weave our rainbows..  I remember each one of you with absolute clarity, the dreams in your eyes, the family running through your blood, your powers and confronts. ALL OF YOU.


I am utterly honoured to be so trusted by you all… That you let me take you so deep… so so deep. I honour the courage and the colour that all of you brought to our group sound ‘experiments’!! Nothing short of full-blown mass exorcisms! How incredibly, incredibly exciting!!

My last Aussie workshop in Sydney in late October left me with the most incredibly warm, ecstatic feeling…. The way a group of ‘strangers’ can shed so much energy together and come in SO SO close within hours just astounds me. It was a very, very special day… and at the very end, I was given an incredible gift. The participants, the SOUL FAMILY, put me in the middle of our circle and they gave to ME. They sang with all their love and joy into my heart, and the receiving was a little hard for me to take.. xx I thank you so much. x The sun was setting over the tall Eucalypts, the golden light bathed us all in coloured crystals and when I opened my eyes, I saw one of the most beautiful things I have EVER seen in my life..

A group of radiant, joy-filled, ever-present humans in complete giving mode.. a REAL family… complete vulnerability. And I shall never, ever forget it.  What we did that day was extra special.. and the smiles on our faces in these photos can only just hint at the tangible satisfaction and love that pervaded us all in that time and in that space. May everyone feel what I felt that day… May everyone feel their hearts to the very depths.



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  1. Bon, je n’ai guère terminé de regarder par contre je repasserai dans la soirée

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