The sky’s the limit.. that’s what they say. So.. do you really believe it?

Our mindsets about what we can actually achieve, what we can receive, what the Universe is capable of and what is available are absolutely creating our reality.

Over the past couple of months as I’ve been travelling around Australia presenting my SACRED SOUND workshop, what I’ve become very certain of is that those who take the limits off what they can gain or become aware of are those that receive the maximum gains.

Our human minds are so limited in the way they view the world and when we think we’ve got it ‘all sewn up’ then we’re missing out on a myriad avenues for magic to pour itself on us. See only 10% and you’ll exchange with only 10%.. not that our minds can even begin to fathom the greatness of our Universe, but when we take the lid off (and only in your own way will you understand what i mean by ‘taking the lid off’) things open, ideas come, luck aligns, love flows.

How this funny little computing system in our heads operates! I should like that we all take over the controls and shut it down when necessary, rather than having it shut us down.

The mind, it shuts down our capabilities, our extrasensory perceptions, our abilities to pull off what we came here to do.

A fun way to deal with it is RISK. One of the vital aspects of success. Jump, and not only will the net appear, but frighteningly golden wings will flap you towards the Sun.

WHAT ARE YOU RISKING? A certain sense of comfort, perhaps? What do you stand to lose if you open yourself up to massive potential? Could it be that you’d lose your control on what you think it’s all about? Who wants a worm’s eye view when you can have the condor’s full-spectrum, 360˚, 4-D version?

And with that, I’m going to set two SACRED SOUND workshops for Hawaii, where I know no-one, but I’m going to risk my heart and passion and bloody go for it.


Which incredible characters are going to join me and Pele in sounding out some seriously powerful, healing waves of sonic glory into our Universe and lift the game on Planet Earth that big fat chunk more?

I long to meet y’all… xxx





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3 responses to “WHAT IS AVAILABLE?

  1. just want you to know I’m reading this, and hearing you loud and clear woman! xx

  2. Ned

    Just to say Charley Charleston is and has changed my life using her incredible sounds! I can say wholeheartedly that she is by far one of the best humans I know and has gifted me with her wisdom, comfort and unabashed attitude to loving life. Get on her course and let her nurture you with her magickal vibrations enabling you glimpse a peak at brilliance.
    Ned Salam^e

  3. Dear Chrissy, Beauty Abundant! your grace, inspiration and effortless facilitation of the sound journeys this weekend has been a great gift to me! this image is a beautiful symbol of the deep awakening i experienced. i know the magical flow on effects of the Sound Healing journeys i had are still revealing themselves to me, and i embrace it all with wings and heart wide spread. a heart felt THANK YOU ♥ ♥ ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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