Surrender to Experience..

There seems to be such a stigma these days around spiritual workshops.. and I think that’s because there’s a lot of crap out there that leaves people in hopelessness within themselves and about the spiritual movement altogether.

Boom! There it is. A lot of people are jaded, and rightly so! I totally get it.

I feel it’s due to a lack of heart and an over-concentration on learning which really doesn’t amount to much change at all. What I’m excited about is what occurs in a room full of people when everybody surrenders to having an experience. One of my favourite memories from my Sacred Sound Workshop in Sydney recently was the feeling of standing in the middle of 25 people who were all deeply within themselves and surrended to a process that I guided them through. The energy was so powerful, so pure and humble. There was nothing to ‘learn’. Nothing to ‘understand’. It was just a pure moment of experiential juiciness, and it sent shivers up my spine and tears down my cheeks. I felt myself to be in a maelstrom of truth.

I live in Byron Bay, which is the most beautiful place for me right now for so many reasons, but a particular energy that I’m fascinated with is the energy of ‘supposed enlightenment’.  It feels to me that it’s as if people have saturated themselves with so much spiritual knowledge that they’ve quite forgotten to just simply have an experience! “What will this do for me?” is the question, rather than “Can I surrender and enjoy this experience immensely?”

Forget the learning and the aspiring I say, and let’s just feel utterly and completely moved, so our hearts are pouring open to God and we fully feel Nature once again.

My friend Radley said of my workshop, “What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon,” and that really sums up what I’m getting at. Although our experiences in the spiritual seeking can indeed be life-changing and profound, they can also just be enjoyable experiences! And let’s leave it at that! We’ve become so tight around having fun in the spiritual arena!

Last night at a party I was speaking to a friend about my workshops and it was as if this person felt it necessary to give me all their life’s journeys and experiences to date in order to let me know that they didn’t ‘need’ this kind of work. I kinda would have preferred they’d said that there was an awesome movie on at the cinema that day, or they’d prefer to walk their dogs. Joy-based decision-making… I dig it! And I really respect it. I don’t particularly care much for one’s previous journey until now unless I’m deep in session with them, but what I care about is whether you can crack open your heart and bare your soul when it feels confronting to do so… and can you put yourself into group situations/workshops and ride the journey and not control the outcome and the ‘benefits’?

Let’s just have an experience, eh?

In deep service to the human heart, the planetary heart and the galactic heart,




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  1. Yay. To the point. Thanks for that Chrissie. I really enjoyed your workshop for the simple pleasure. I’ve been raving to ppl that one tone alone seemed to bring about joy in every cell. And I know it was just sound and your love of it and ppl. Simple. I came there to hang out w some lovely ppl & have some fun & left feeling great & w extra confidence. Am looking for a singing teacher if U know anyone in Syd. love to know next time U R down.

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