Integrity. What does it mean to you?

This word, this topic, this energy has been a current fascination for me, stretching my heart out from its constrictive patterns, rattling my mind about as I allow integrity to teach me something new. I hone in on what it means for my life and for my relationships and actions and I prepare myself to be a brand new woman, a brand new mother and a brand new lover.

For me, it feels like striving to stand for ideals in the face of mass opposition. It feels like honouring my word and following through with actions. And it feels like being vulnerable to the point of perceived oblivion so that the heart’s truth and knowledge can be known. Real integrity frightens and confronts, as we stand strong when the waves of group mind want to destroy us.

I have shaken my fists in anger these last days at what I’ve seen and felt in this world, baffled by the cunning and creeping ways of women and men around me who use all the right words but whose energy, eyes and body language give them away immediately. I would rather lunch with a hard-nosed banker who admits to his greedy ways than take tea with the ‘spiritual seeker’ who wears all the right uniforms and promises their integrity when their energy tendrils have other questionable motives. I am saddened that to some, even family and relationship is not sacred, as they bluster their way in for their own needs and desires. I pray that the human race is evolving fast, but around these parts, I feel like it’s all about some kind of sexual ‘revolution’ that really was over in the 60s.

Integrity. Honesty. Transparency.

Words just don’t cut it. It’s all in the actions.

I shall act from integrity and I shall not permit myself to be involved in areas, groups, events, relationships that cultivate energies that I deem lacking in integrity.. And by that choice, I foster and stand strong in my own integrity. I am prepared to ‘lose’ friends and upset people in standing in that place, where I voice what I see and hopefully crack some new light into areas that are murky, base and destructive.

How integral is our society? The way we do business, the way we approach members of the opposite sex, the way we dress? The way we act with our children, the food we choose to eat, the way we treat our ex-partners, the way we leave projects or relationships?

It’s so important to me that I keep challenging myself in this area, for my children. I have every intention of helping to shape incredible human spirits within them, and if I slip on my own ideals, I teach them to do the same.

I challenge all of us to re-evaluate our ideas of personal integrity and to make swift and brave changes so that we can evolve fast, creating massive ripples of integrity to wave out in our communities and on our planet.

It’s a solid, sane and wholesome way to live.



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4 responses to “INTEGRITY

  1. Olivia

    Integrity; I have learnt to listen to my gut feeling and honor my truth. Be this standing in my power and finding a new home, changing degrees so that I am doing what I love not what I think I should do. Learning to walk away and stand up for myself and to then forgive those I love, family, by acknowledging relationships based on unconditional love is what makes our lives ever more magical and helps us to evolve. Integrity is the practice of love and respect for yourself and for others, thank you for reminding me of this!

  2. Ralph

    Not one to go for the small issues… 🙂 Your post is good, strong. Integrity is everything, not in the sense that it is everything we need to aspire to, but across every thing. Albeit adding another plane of existence that the spiritual seeking in isolation can not provide. Seeking is good, yet alone is self-indulgent and as you say, quite prone to pretense (which sucks). Yet seek spiritualism with integrity, practice integrity with spirit and it is utterly brilliant. Integrity binds, dismays, elates, riles, motivates, calms, you know what I mean, don’t you?. The beauty of it is that it is characterised by individual acts, but is anything but singular… every little bit, every little act of integrity putting another piece into its place, wholeness on a different, active plane, adding an extra livelihood, an even rational dimension to spirtualism. Ratio and spirit in unison. Integrity is when I know, feel and do in unison, what is ‘right’. The blending of belief, values, self, feeling, enacted upon while I am in thick of living it. How empowering is that? And that’s just one person, the more one lives it, the more it ripples. Indeed, integrity is what makes our spiritual selves a true entity in the world around us, something to share and pass on. I see it in my kids, they see it in me, it goes around and comes back. It’s wonderful. And so simple. Catch you later x

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