Andina Medicina

Medicina Andina….. Come to me.

Rondo-Can, great mountain spirit, I am at your service.

Sister Carmen, soul guide and fellow love magician, thank you.


I have been travelling through the Sacred Valley of Peru for the last two weeks and I have two more weeks after this. Already, I have been absolutely bewitched by its beauty, nothing less than completely spiritually overhauled by its lessons, and considerately blown away with the way this land makes me feel. 



My experiences here have been nothing short of cosmic, constantly. From being part of deep sacred ceremonies, to communicating clearly with mountain spirits, to facilitating a mass soul exodus from a portal opening above the Temple of the Moon, to channeling my native American songlines inspired by particular valleys that trigger deep soul memories. I am at home here. And I have more work to do here..

I feel like the Earth is singing to me, rather than me singing to her. I feel like Mama is holding me, rather than it being me doing the holding. I have been spun around like a child and held in the arms of this opportunity to receive.. And it is so, so good for me.

The Andes are deeply healing mountains, they shine so softly, with deep, deep power and humility. I can do much to learn from them, and I intend to, to bring this healing energy with me wherever I go, so I may continue to sing to the hearts of people, animals and landscapes in order to nurture and heal them. What an incredible calling, and what an honour!

Huge love and blessings to all, may you follow your bliss toward deepes heart knowing.




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  1. Madiha Hynes

    How wonderful to hear mother nature calling and be blessed to her her calls God bless you and wish we all lisend instead of judged

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