Enter The Dragon


The year has begun. It smashes in with all the commanding energy of the Dragon. Part fish, part snake, part eagle and part tiger, our totem animal for the year stands for nothing but POWER.

Already fast and furious with huge inspiration, change from within, foresights, and plenty of standing in my own truth, I am really excited about 2012. Ever since I was 18, I had visions of this year. It was never about 2012 as such, but rather about the age 34.  The visions ensured me that at 34, I would really have something to sing about, write about, stand in, broadcast..

My biggest picture for this year is to be reaching millions of people via a new health portal I am creating online to launch a superfood product. My aim is to create an outrageously awesome network online of people aiming to make great change in their lives.. I will broadcast sound frequencies to afford energetic shifts to huge amounts of people at once, having people come instantly into their power. This is what I am working towards, daily, weekly.

I encourage you also to totally take the lid off your goals and expand them right out to include the well-being of massive numbers of people, animals, beings, planets.. If there has ever been a time to dream big and ACT BIG, it’s now! Gone are the days of dreaming and thinking up a storm… Now it’s only time to take ACTION. Action denotes commitment to our dreams and goals.

I really feel I have broken the back of the negative patterning that had me frozen for so many years, creating far less than what I was capable of, stuck in bad habits of wasting time and energy and then becoming frustrated at not having accomplished more. I would LOVE to assist you in cracking this energy too, for all time. ACTION.

Call me! Let’s do a session.. xxx



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