Healers don’t rock out to LED ZEPPELIN.

These last days I have felt such a shake-up and such a liberation from terribly constrictive, outdated mindsets that have been telling me that healers look certain ways and do certain things and surely there’s other things that they just don’t do!

I have been taking myself out with this mindset, wrenching myself over the wrack in some instances, because I felt that to be seen and accepted as a genuine healer I must wear white, throw away my Led Zeppelin records and only eat a raw, vegan diet. It’s insane what I’ve been doing to myself!   

Through connecting more with my shamanic, animalistic self over the last year, I realize that every step of my journey and every inch of myself is Divine and is part of my whole and part of the beautiful journey I am sailing. Thank GOD I don’t suppress my anger, thank GOD I don’t deny my desire to have a glass of wine and thank GOD I recognize what I am doing every step of the way.

Last night I saw the hilarious and illusion-shattering GANGAJI at Temple Byron and I pretty much pissed myself laughing the whole way through. She affirmed to me how much I do know about illusion and suppression and I felt hugely acknowledged as being a BRIGHT, ALIVE SPIRIT, totally in connection with all the Divine Fire within me.. whatever shade it is. I could not wipe the smile from my face for the relief and understanding that I AM GETTING THIS.

I live in Byron Shire.. and I love it. But around here, there’s a lot of ‘fitting in’ going on in the ‘new age/spiritual’ paradigm, which to me stinks to high heaven of suppression, contradiction and righteousness. Sometimes I get looks from people at the markets if I am wearing a bikini and kaftan. That’s not the outfit of a healer!  I have found myself editing my choices due to what people might think and I realize that this is crazy and is curbing my natural, divine self.

No-one can live life like me, and no-one ever will! And so I will live it as I will live it and I will go on walking in certainty that I am hugely gifted as a healer and channel and that my love for humanity and Planet Earth is an unwavering force that I hope to share with all beings!




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4 responses to “Healers don’t rock out to LED ZEPPELIN.

  1. Prue

    Hallelujah!!! here’s to liberation xx

  2. Louise Dwyer

    Love you just the way you are!

  3. Cecile

    Loove it christina. healers can do the fk we want. Basically.

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