I hold that these times of opening, these sacred gifts of opportunity and expansion are for us to REACH OUT FOR. They are CHOICE POINTS and it takes our willingness and our commitment to Love for the gifts to be bestowed upon us.

This Friday, 11:11:11, I will be attending the Community Gateway Gathering at Starseed Nursery, Byron Bay, to be amongst my beloved community and for us all to celebrate yet another sacred point in space and time and yet another opportunity for more LOVE.

At times, I am frustrated with the somewhat superficial display of spiritual ‘intelligence’ from the people around me.. as if knowledge of fractals and dimensions deems one more ‘spiritual’ than the next.

To me, spirituality is simple human loving kindness, and it is shown in ACTION. Here we have another blessed chance to show more LOVE and more KINDNESS to those around us.

I do hope we all CHOOSE LOVE.



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