The tipi breathes life..

This weekend the tipi goes up in my garden.. the perfect site for my sound ceremonies.

The tipi was considered to be a representation of the universe, and the space outside it was symbolically the realm of the Creator. This macrocosm was infinite, whilst the finite microcosm reminded man of the humility he ought to maintain in the face of the manifest Great Mystery.

Within weeks, I will be launching a series of sacred healing workshops that will be in ceremony format. Although it will be a learning journey, we will also be offering our learning and our expansion to help heal our planet. The following components will be featured… men and women working in partnership, sacred medicine, didgeridoo, sacred oils, song, vibration, drums, dance, reiki. The events will be open only to a limited number of participants and are publicized through word-of-mouth only.

These events are suitable for the following types of people: Those beings truly serious about healing our planet, those who understand the roles of sacred feminine and sacred masculine or who are genuine in learning more, those that are not afraid to use their voices, bodies & dancing feet, Serious Healing Folk, adventurers, seekers and believers. Lovers.

There will no doubt be a waiting list so put your name on it. xxx


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