What excites me tremendously right now is moving into remote healing sessions.

At first I was a bit nervous about stepping into my power in this area of healing people from afar. I had doubts about my ability and I felt the unrealistic pressures of needing to be physically connected to the client and have them in my reach and sight.

But last week I did my first remote healing sessions and they were AMAZING – FAR more powerful for me than having the client next to me. I was able to take off the limitations of time and space and really expand into the TRUTH and awareness that SPACE does not exist and that VIBRATION is OMNIPRESENT. It doesn’t matter if you are at the other end of the Universe – I can touch you, and WILL touch you, with my healing vocal rays. Being alone in my healing room while practicing a remote healing found me dancing, weaving, down on the ground birthing…. The energies coming through me and from within me were making full use of my body and I just had to go with it. It was AWESOME.

I am open to working with anyone, wherever they are on the planet. I can heal them from here. As long as they are willing to have a session with me, nothing can beat us.

Spread the word!! x


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