Enter the Healers

On the weekend I attended JULINBAH YOWARL, a Rainbow Corroboree on sacred Bundjalung land near Tabulam, Northern NSW. It was an incredible experience which sailed me through a jewellery box of intense emotions… joy, togetherness, purpose, expansion, humility, sadness, pride, relief….

I felt a huge purpose to sing to heal the land, our land… this incredible country of ours.

I went down by the river with an indigenous man named Jason. His quiet strength was a power to behold and he accompanied me to the rapids to create a joint vibration with our instruments. The resulting sounding was very, very beautiful and very, very welcomed by our land. I realised then that I have just as much purpose singing to our planet as a whole as I do to individual beings.

I will now do whatever I can to sing purposefully in ceremony and outside of the circle with then intention of strengthening our planet and disabling negative energies in our space.


My friend, Dan Collinson, is creating an event back out at Rocky River over the weekend October 8th and 9th. We are supporting the 10,000 Amend event at James Price Point in the Kimberley as not all of us can get out there to protest in person. We will support in spirit and in our creativity.

I will hold a sound healing ceremony for our land over that weekend at Rocky River and I’d love for you to come and lend your power and presence.

I feel that beings from other reaches are wanting me to vibrate particular frequencies which will act like portals for these beings to enter our world. They want me to create a dream, a vision, in the crystal grid networks that they will then anchor into and set about creating. This will be the basis for my ceremony at Rocky River. I do hope you can be there.. x



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