Memoirs of a dreamer..

I have my first public sound healing in less than two weeks and the excitement is, quite literally, out of this world..

A whole lifetime of experiences coming to this point, always the dream in place, always the vision and the knowing. And now here I am. I have had flashes and memories return to me and I see myself writing in my spiritual journals, ever since a teen.. over and over, that “I will remind souls of who they are.”

Two nights ago I attended a sound bath at Temple Byron with Healing Hertz.. and while I was experiencing the incredible vibrations of all the different gongs and resonant instruments I could feel beings from other parts of the universe at my shoulder.. wanting to express themselves through me. I hear the sound of my own voice and I feel the vibrations that come through me when I am ‘inspired’ or when I am channeling, and I wonder to myself, “How would I respond if I was in the audience, listening to my voice for the first time?”

I hope and I feel that the quality of the vibrations coming through me, backed with my intention to nurture and love the human race, will be enough to have people click into a deeper sense of knowing about their origins and their place in the universe. I feel it is clear that I am communicating with other parts of the cosmos when I sing, and I am excited to know that other people will sense that also and that that will open their awareness right up and they will click into another gear altogether.

For the love of our planet and for the balance and health of all beings…. xxx


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  1. louise

    Hellllooooo !!! Chrissi…Finally! this is great…how exciting….keep going girl. Love your work and YOU.

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