MARCH ON in love, now.

My latest clip is out today! March On! In love, now!

Click on the picture below to check it out and please do share it around. It’s a beautiful song with a powerful message, something I know a lot of people would enjoy hearing right now.

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Enjoy, my dear family….


Fire Mane




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Will you step up and join the band of LOVE now and love TRUMP? Are you aware of how he is really going deep down inside? Are we aware that we are one family? People like Donald Trump are hurting so much inside and that is why they behave so terribly.

Are we going to focus on the behaviour or the cause of the behaviour and shift that? Shift the energetics with our Love?

March On, my people.

In LOVE now.


Fire Mane





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Depression hits.

In fact, in this case, its insipid tendrils wound their way around my soul for many moons before I realised I was in darkness, slowly sucking light away, robbing me of life-force, making me face and see the shadows that exist around the other side of the Sun. And see only those. All I see is darkness.

I am shadow-walking.

05e4e56e1c68a3b8f0dcf5671d622e8dI am pouring out tears. Tears that I cannot rightfully explain…. for I think I have greater strength than this? I know in my Spirit that I am loved and that my love is felt. I know this from some higher place. But I don’t feel it to be true at this moment. And feeling is all. I have guided others through shadow enough, I have made peace with shadow enough that I know the safest, quickest and truest way forward is feeling all of this to the depths. Without indulgence and unnecessary suffering, but by feeling it truly, without denial. Without suppression. Without distraction.

Some experiences are spiritual, some experiences are mental and others are physical, but all of them are emotional. This is our language as humans. I know the power that I am and the purpose that I walk here on Earth. But more than that, I know the importance of Honesty, of being real with where we are at, of letting things drop where they drop. And yes, they have dropped, and I am on my knees.

I weep for loneliness. I weep for the human race. I weep for what feels like a desperate scratch through a dry, desert landscape for integrity. Where has it all gone? Granted, this is a powerful time on our planet where the forces of light and dark are really at near-equal strengths. I am sure that I am going along with a collective tidal wave here. I am not alone. I am aware of that, at least. But I am an individual, also.

But when someone calls on the telephone, I cry.

When someone asks me how I am, my silent answer is ‘you won’t understand’, as I truly don’t feel they would.
When a friend tells me we must, like moths, seek out the light in any way possible, I silently answer that I don’t want to. I can’t see it. I don’t relate.

I am aware that there is a disconnect between me and the outer world with which I normally communicate with and feel so well.

But I embrace this. When we have been hurt or disappointed by those we love, we can all too easily jump over into ‘forgiving’ and into ‘compassion’ without really allowing ourselves the reverence and the respect to stand in a space where we commit to boundaries and to tough love. I see this on a planetary scale with the atrocities occurring to indigenous, to environment, to our rights. We so easily jump over the ‘NO’ period into ‘ITS ALL DIVINE’, mostly out of a discomfort for having things out of alignment. So we opt for pseudo-alignment.

Not me.

I have taken on too much. Too much of people’s stuff. Too much of their stories and made it all ‘OK’. Too many betrayals. Too many deceptions. Too many shoulder shrugs and too much dusting myself off and getting on. And now it’s hit me hard. Burnt out with relating. Burnt out with people.

No more. images

When I complete feeling this shadow to its depths, the darkness and loss of hope in humanity, I know I will rise like a Phoenix, my love for people and planet much stronger than ever. I know it and I trust.

If there is anyone out there feeling like I do, I’m here. I’m not able to be with you but I want you to know that I am over here, doing the same work. Honour your shadow-walk and do it with power. Embrace it. We are not victims, we have created this to learn more. To love more. To put in greater boundaries and honour ourselves and honour true love.

Sometimes talk of goodness and love and our essence really doesn’t resonate and only makes those in darkness feel more alone, like it does with me currently.

I’m revolted by those that cannot read this. I’m revolted by those that cannot accept shadow-walking and want to fix it, to suppress it, to make me wrong for this. The pseudo ‘awakened’ healers, the robotic masses frightened of feeling on any level. A middle finger to you lot. In fact, have TWO.

If I could count the people I’ve held these last years as they’ve traversed through their valleys…. and I’m glad I’ve done this work. Now it’s time to hold myself through, as I don’t believe anyone else can.

And it’s lonely. These inner worlds.

These deaths of Self. These bat wings that beat at my heart.

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Never to be the same: post-Pilliga.

I’d felt icky in my own skin, those previous months before going to the Pilliga Forest. Hypocritical. Selfish. Like I was definitely not doing enough to help. I’d been feeling like one of those folk that is aware of the disasters occurring around them, moved by them greatly, but not quite moved enough to leave my cosy corner, not enough to actually put ‘Life’ on hold and act with my time and body.

A few weeks ago, I had the beginnings of a very big inner change occur. Albeit clunky and awkward, I was clearly riding new waves of change, experiencing a new kind of growing pain altogether. Put very simply, my journey of discovery and true heart connection to the cosmology and culture of the first peoples of Australia had finally begun, and it felt rough. That day I began connecting to many indigenous spirits of this land that were asking to use my voice for expression, and the magnitude of what I was and am being asked to feel and transmute is new territory. Not one for taking the plain route, I think Great Spirit chucked me in at the deep end, and although super subtle, the things that were occurring and that I was feeling have started to shatter my current life, sense of self, and future dreaming. Never a bloody dull moment, eh?

Suddenly I find myself off to Biliga, Gamileroi country, racing there in my heart, couldn’t get there quick enough. A calling beyond callings by that rough, dry country with the warrior spirit and a whole lot of pain. Come fast, Fire Mane. We need your help.


What we perceive of and experience in the physical is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what’s really going on on the metaphysical plane. I found myself racing to the Pilliga forest to stand up against SANTOS and their uber-destructive and loathsome coal seam gas explorations. My blood boils at any corporation that is willing to poison Australia’s greatest aquifer, destroy our native animals, turn rivers into boiling, farting gas swamps, sicken children and kill forests. I was ready to put my body, time and energy up for the message of NO, right at the front line. But behind the scenes, my spirit and heart were going on a different journey, one that is only really starting to clear to consciousness now that I’m back, typing this to share it with you.

It was as if five different conversations were going on at once during my week at the Pilliga Push protest camp. Five different fields of healing, five different songlines needing to harmonise, five different dimensions working through each other, all with totally different characters and plotlines. When things got really hot with a very passionate debate with local Aunties, my pal Slim Wolf turned to me and said, “And now the supernatural thriller really kicks in.” The richness of the upset for indigenous people regarding the desecration of the land that they have always connected to as a mother, as their everything, is enough to fill ten billions hearts. It was all I could do to stay true to my own knowing, not to fall to pieces in their desperate plea.


And protest camps are alive with passion. They are a mash-up of all sorts of humans, each with a common cause: to protect Mother Nature from ruthless harm. But that doesn’t mean they are aligned in harmony, and the themes of misunderstanding, suppressed emotion and trauma, sense of belonging or not belonging, difficulty with authority or with self-responsibility, these were all a part of my experience, just as much as the fight against SANTOS. As above, so below. The macrocosm reflects the microcosm. Where inside of us are we not owning our own trashing of the Mother, our own oppression of the feminine, the feeling, the nurturer?

I walked into that camp a total newbie in some ways. I worked at Greenpeace in the London press office for some time back when I was 22 and 23 so I remember how actions happen. I am fully aware of the skill and passion and balls it takes for people to stand up to the ‘law’ and commit ‘crimes’ in order to point to the bigger issues of the corporate crimes against Mother Nature.  I came to Pilliga with a skill set that was probably not highest on the list of protest advantages. I can’t abseil. My forté is healing and singing and speaking and championing. And I feel that those skills were definitely needed, way beyond the perception of what they may add to this group of incredible, dedicated, selfless, tireless visionaries. Slim and I did intense work on the emotional plane and on the spirit plane at the camp, knitting bridges of understanding, of masculine and feminine, of compassion and of severity, from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. Yes, I locked myself on to the gate of SANTOS and stopped their machines for a short while. Yes, I banged my drum and stood as solid as I could outside those gates of the destroyers. But I know my magic was weaved in ways unseen.


Connecting with the spirit of Gamileroi country was probably the most potent thing I could have done with that time. As an energy worker and a seeker of truth in culture and community, simply the connection to that land has activated me beyond any of the action in body. I feel that country now. I feel it’s strength and it’s vulnerability. I was blessed to have the experience of meeting a few Gamileroi people and through their passion and their eyes and voices, I could feel their plight. Their plight which has become my plight. Uncle Paul Spearim told me out there that the Gamileroi tribe had the only drummers of the entire nation, and they would play drums made of possum skin in leading their men into battle. I instantly resonated. For I am a defender of what’s sacred. And I will beat my drum and raise my voice, not caring who thinks what, not interested in the philosophical or ‘spiritual’ debates that whir on while our rivers are dying and our children are bleeding.

I was touched, deeply, by the young men I met out there. Young men, dedicated to protecting Mother Earth. Young fathers, musicians, lifestyle protestors, moving from one camp to another, lending their bodies and physical energy to BE the front line. To be the blockade. It showed up the utter ignorance of so many of us that waft between ego experience to ego experience, rarely putting our focus on the community around us and it’s betterment, almost never thinking of the future generations and their inheritance. These men have won my admiration, up each morning at 4am, ready to jump those fences, to risk arrest, to risk attack. Selfless. I felt a resonance with the life out there that I am hard-put to connect with here in Byron Shire. I miss those people, achingly. Salt of the Earth and dedicated to her. I feel the sadness in my heart for having left, and I count the few sleeps until I return to Biliga, attending to only what is vital before going back.



And what do I feel now?

I feel that we are all needed. We must all pull our heads out of the distractions that the systems have set up for us (even the ‘spiritual area’ systems) and we must take a good look around at what is happening to our environment. Thinking that ‘someone else’ is taking care of it is NOT enough. Palming the duty of care for our resources, our precious water, our sacred forests, our indigenous tribespeople and their wisdoms, on someone else is NOT acceptable anymore. YOU are responsible for the Great Artesian Basin. YOU are responsible for protecting the waters that are our birthright. YOU are responsible for making sure that the psychopaths that are running our world GO NO FURTHER. Stop leaving it to someone else! Stop leaving it to clicking ‘Share’ on Facebook. It’s NOT enough.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Have we become so disconnected to Nature that we cannot understand that we are ALL responsible for the Great Artesian Basin? Are we so irresponsible? Has the government not only taken away our power of free-thinking but also our sense of responsibility for our surroundings? Do we even KNOW what land, whose land, which tribal spirit imbues the country under our feet? TIME TO RECONNECT.

We are ALL needed to change the game here. All we need to do is TURN UP. If 4,000 people turned up at the Pilliga, that would make enough media attention for SANTOS to pull out. All we need is PEOPLE POWER. TURN UP to the protests in your city. SHOW UP to say NO. We don’t need to touch the positive as us humans ARE naturally positive. The beauty of what we are and how we create in community and connection to Nature should not be questioned. It’s the areas of destruction that we need to STOP.

  1. Find out where your closest Coal Seam Gas mining abomination is happening and get out there and protest. There, or in your city. Banners, voices, actions!
  2. Call your Premier or Environment Minister and COMPLAIN and DEMAND excuses for their utter betrayal of our natural heritage.
  3. STOP thinking someone else will do it.
  4. Write articles, make interviews, send emails.
  5. Remember that not ONE of us is outside this duty of care of our resources. Leaving it to the government or environmental groups is not OK. Your environment is your environment.

I felt a rabid sense of defence when I sat on Gamileroi land. I know that the borders that the settlers put in place here in Australia are ridiculous considering the rich and diverse tribal system that was here before they landed. But what went through my head was, “I was born in this state. This is MY state. This is my land, this is my responsibility. I was born here. This land has supported my whole life and my whole family. I cannot remain disconnected from this truth and its inherent call to responsibility any longer.”

I do hope to inspire you also.

With love, from this fiercely loving, mother’s heart.

Fire Mane

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

“Fah-haha-haha-aha-hah-ccKKK SANTOSSSS!!”





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Wondrous MEN.

Every experience of relating with man has brought me incredible richness. Joy, ecstasy, pain. Contentment, great learning, experience invaluable and wisdom. It would seem that herein is my training ground, like so many of us.

Whilst I was in Peru this last trip, I experienced the most powerful healing underneath Apu Pitusiray. In my sleep! Nothing to do but to wake up and feel healed of lifetimes of limited patterning. I am deeply humbled by the generosity of the healing that those mountains afford me, and so many others, constantly. I had gone to sleep with pain in my heart and had awoken with the absolute certainty that I have all the love in my heart that I could ever desire. That I am an ever-radiating Source of Love & Spirit. And I felt this to be true in a way that I had not before. The game had changed forever. Hayaya!

From that moment on, until this moment, the dynamic between me and the masculine has been completely changed. I walked forward into my Life from that healing under the mountain and magnetised incredibly pure and powerful connections with men that served to fill me with honour, acknowledgement, respect and friendship. And more importantly, with divine, sweet, noble, honourable, exciting, awesome LOVE. Yes thank you very much please!

I write this piece to honour those men and to honour that chapter. But I feel to do it with less writing and more pictures and poetry, if you don’t mind. I just don’t think I can do my experiences, my gratitude and wonder justice with sentences. Muchas gracias!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Our camp, higher than high.


Far-reaching skies all filled with peaks

Do part with rainbows, Apus speak

Inaudibly and unassuming,

Unexpected cosmic choosing

Delivering me an earthly musing.

And amused I am, amorous and giddy,

These heights that have me pure and pretty

Do witness silent silver thunder

That peals within and now I understand

These cosmic doors, all green and blue

That beckon and sing with mountain hues

Of reverent paths walked by so few,

And yet by you.

Our footsteps choose

The higher way, I honour your dance

And with deepest breaths it becomes romance.

So I welcome such gifts with both of my hands

For things work in twos..

And you seem to be

With perfect chance,

My mountain muse.




Excerpt from Kaypacha

We meet in the Blue Night, my Lord of Love,

On the highest peak.

We meet in the healing waters

And on the Rainbow bridge

‘Tween here and fabled cities.

Oh most simple and natural Love,

You’ve become the most prized.

This unexpected choice of God’s purpose

Is now the one I’ve always known.

The symphony we hear of exotic frequencies,

From unique Sources

Was always our birthsong and rite.

And I celebrate this gift

With all my Fire and all my Honey,

Now naming myself Black Wing Q’ente

As I have found the sweetest of all flowers,

The Whitest Rose that sings the sacred songs.

And I have taken most generously

This cosmic nectar of Yanantin,

Filled my crystal cup enough

That I may never need  know Love again.

I have drunk delicious of my High Dreams with you,

Apu of mine.

The Forever Dreaming,

Of True Union of Voice, Vision and Body,

And of Love for the children.

For the Galaxies of Giving we have shared,

Witnessed by the High Brothers

Of the most Sacred Valley.

photo 5


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Forever grateful to Great Spirit for allowing this heart to experience such tremendous beauty in one Life. Hayaya!

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August 2, 2015 · 7:20 pm



When I was younger, I wanted to be a revolutionary. Or should that be, an evolutionary?
I was so passionate about truth-slinging, about making change, about being bold and telling it like it is. Still so wildly passionate about these things, when I observe others operating with and from this kind of stance (currently Russell Brand is my hero), I’m inspired beyond belief, thinking… where did I let my vision go? Why did I stop being so bold and courageous? When did I start worrying so much about what people think?

Last week, sitting with my dear pal Lisa Darveniza and co-creator of MANA BLEND (check it out!), we both realised that we have been modifying our truth, our own approaches to sharing our truth and our passions. Why? To fit in somehow, to be ‘accepted’. We both saw where we have felt the need to tweak our communication in order for it to be accepted more widely. The result has had a terrible effect on our creativity and had even stressed our working relationship. Watering down our truth, making it more digestible to the masses, feeling the need to ‘tone down’ or to ‘jazz up’ our communications resulted in us both feeling massively drained of energy, truly bored and god forbid (!) with apathy biting at our heels.



How many of us are toning ourselves down in order to fit in?
How many of us have so much more to say, more passion to add to the wheels of revolution, so much more energy that we’d naturally direct toward making big change here, if only we felt it was safe, that we would be received?

Our world is one where conventionality is applauded, where conforming and fitting in with the Jones’s is encouraged, where letting go of your passions in the place of choosing more ‘serious’ or mundane pastimes is deemed ‘wisdom’. I see people everywhere slaving away at jobs they hate just so that they can attain the physical status symbols that also don’t make them happy. And the wisdom of this is rarely questioned. We even see people defending the current economic and social systems with all their zest and vigour, having never really taken the time to analyse or assess these systems objectively. Such is the power of fear within people to tear down mental constructs that they’ve clung to all their lives. Or perhaps it’s their family and friends that has clung to these beliefs and they dare not rock the boat. Whatever, the current systems on our planet are insanely unhealthy. I am reminded of the wonderful Indian philosopher, Krishnamurti, who says:


Therefore, it must also run that adjusting our communications to be received by a profoundly sick society is a useless endeavour, if indeed we are out to make change in that society. Look at the current state of play in media and mass communications in our world. Let’s look at marketing and the way people are being tricked into buying things. We are most appalled at the way this is rife in the ‘health’ industry. Manufacturers of ‘health products’ are using marketing to bewitch people, chucking in any old ingredients that are conventionally-grown with toxics, making earning and extracting money out of the public the main aim. The true care factor for peoples health is close to zero.



Marketing is atrocious worldwide, almost never authentic in their choice of words, in their use of the human body.
And how are we ‘marketing’ ourselves? Look at even the way individuals are scared shitless to be honest and vulnerable with their communications? People are bent on only advertising the ‘positive’, Facebook is crammed with everything-is-fine-over-here sentiments, people constantly dressing themselves up and sharing all the wonderful, incredible, fantastic, sickly-sweet and the amazing. Meanwhile, in their hearts and lives behind closed doors, something else is going on.

For gods sake, can I please just get a glass of authenticity here? I’m dying of thirst for reality! I’m sick of the uniforms of consumerism, the uniforms of the rebels, the copying, the fads. I’m sick of nearly every Instagram page looking now like an out-of-integrity fashion magazine. I’m sick of every ‘spiritual’ festival reeking of trendiness and poncey rote-learned jargon.

How authentic are you being right now in your life?
One of the greatest defences against the machine of consumerism and that elite few that are puppeteering the conformist, disempowered, lackey-like swathes of humanity and wrecking our delicate environments and the ecological balance on Planet Earth, is your authenticity.
Yes, a Big Brother-like state is actually occurring here, and while we cruise along as one of the herd (and the majority of ‘alternative’ cultures are just as controlled), we are so easily swept up by the distractions of entertainment, of so-called news, of fashion, sports and ‘the arts’. Meanwhile something else is going on.
Says Russell Brand, commenting on the ugliness of Australian parliament, “It masks reality, this process. It’s not an honest discussion of reality, it’s people stating really obvious things and concealing things that are necessary, truthful and relevant.”
The same could be said for the majority of communicative processes in our world today. I love how Russell Brand actually has the courage and gall to poke such fun at the utter rediculousness of our politicians and of our system altogether. What a relief! Watch this clip below, it’s utterly hilarious and ON POINT.

I came here to help. Ever since a wee child, I knew I was here to rattle and shake and help along the revolution at this time. And I’m dedicated and more aware than ever that I must strive to be as authentic as humanly possible with my truth, with what I see, with the changes we need to make, with the state of play on our planet. Sugar-coating everything all the time with witty quotes, fluffy kitten pictures and/or fantastic pictures of bikinis on islands is not the whole picture, not even a fraction of it, it’s not reality. Stating the bleeding obvious all the time is also not helping. We’re not fools and we don’t need to hear the same irrelevant thing said with different words fourteen times, dear leaders, dear pop-culture stars, dear Facebook ‘friends’.

Let us not obey.

Let us be authentic in our lives and in our speech. For our children’s sake.

Fire Mane


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Tuesday 14th April

Time bends, and is relative.

What appears as one day to some, can be an aeon in another part of our Universe.

I watched Interstellar on the plane from Sydney to Auckland and have been, once again, greatly humbled by the forever mysteries and cosmic genius of our Universe. Wormholes and black holes. Bending cosmic fabric. Revisiting and jumping time by surfing other dimensions.

A little less difficult to wrap our heads around, perhaps, is that I have lived this day twice.

Firstly, in Australasia, waking in Maroubra, kissing my friend goodbye and jumping a taxi for four more of my total of five flights to the destination. Secondly, I see this day, Tuesday 14th April, in South America, drinking coffee in Santiago, marvelling at the dusty view of the surrounding mountains, calmly waiting the fourth flight towards Cusco. Destination Lima.

In the movie, the concept is presented that those paranormal communications that we can encounter are potentially delivered by those souls we know very well indeed, from another time/space. It raised the question within me of support and the support we are at times unknowingly given by beings around us, people around us, friends and family, and at times, angels.

We sometimes feel that these angels are personally unknown to us and from higher planes. Could it be that these helpers are different, higher aspects of those humans very close in to us? I know a man who felt he was protected and guided through his earlier years by an angel. He shared that he realized that that angel was me. And this is what I’m talking about and inspired by in this moment.


The way we are working together toward a common goal in sometimes very different ways. What appears as an obstacle is oftentimes recognised as a beneficial advancement of our trajectory. But we see things through very limited filters. I know I do. And I’m inspired to take off the worm’s eye view-style glasses and FEEL the cosmic wormhole reality. Especially in this area of support.

There are people that will support you in a way that does not always feel so comfortable. They will confront you to see your shadow, or they will act out in theirs to push you to accept all. One of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful, experience of my ego-life is when a group of people that loved me enough to risk our separation stood for Love and called me out on all my shadow areas. They called me strong and shattered all the fear and control and defence that I had built up around these darker areas of my being. Man. Did I fall apart that day. It was a warrior day for me. And although it hurt like hell and I felt that I died in many ways, I still remember those people with power and truth and great love.

There are people that will support you in a way that feels good and gentle and cosy and warm, and what a treat that is to experience. This is wonderful and welcome, but personally, the greatest teachers I have had are the ones that confront my limited sense of reality and ego and righteousness and make me question things deeply. The resistance that we feel in these moments is always a great indicator of gold coming our way. I have also felt that short moments with these beings can be more impactful than years with others.

There are people that will see you and support you in ways that you had never imagined, that stretch you toward your Greatness in an accelerated and breathtakingly exciting way. I have had the pleasure of encountering such an angel these last 6 months. A woman who sees me in the energy world and is not afraid. A woman who is helping me translate my message into the very languages I’ve wanted to learn all my life. A woman who is setting a bar for me to rise to and break through, and I couldn’t feel more lucky for our meeting. Angels. Are. Operating.

I see the ones that can’t bring themselves to congratulate me on my successes as the ones confronted by shining, power and feminine magic, and in them I see the work still to be done. The Fear still has a grip within so many of us, me included at times. We continue to shed the light on our own shadow and fear. With humility and transparency. Disbanding its power.

For my own journey, I have known that at my greatest times of expansion or creative leap, when I am about to deliver something super powerful and/or new to our world, opposition to this movement is sizeable and most commonly comes at me through the mind.

I systematically experience this, and have had enough experience with this phenomenon now not to buy into it. It commonly tells me that I ‘know nothing and will fail.’ ‘Who are you to do this?’ it asks me, without caring for my answer.

I remember just before launching my 3-day workshop (which has had huge successes and made true love change in many, many lives and families), the voices told me that I know nothing, and what’s the point of it all? I remember sticking a proverbial middle finger up to this energy and going anyway. I’m so glad I did!

They’re at me again, telling me I can’t succeed in music, that my message is dishwater, that my voice is not powerful, that women have no place here and that the men just want to squash us anyway. What a load of rubbish. Thank goodness I have enough years under my belt to recognise that none of this is Truth and that I am indeed powerful, as is this message of Love. And again, a middle finger waves in the air to this opposition. A loving middle finger, with beautiful nails and a gold ring handed down to me from my Ukrainian Babusa. The power mama finger. The strong bones that have walked aeons of this, here for this moment.


I am welcoming in support and help at this moment, more than ever before. Connections, opportunities, visions, co-writings, financial support, creative collaborations, I am OPEN! I am a strong mama and I’ve done so much in my life and I continue to do so much and am able to pull it all off relatively seamlessly. But at times I’m tired. And these are the times I must open to more help. I was hugely confronted by the idea of launching a crowd funding campaign initially. I felt that it was lazy and that I should just go out there and make the money I need to furnish my goals all myself. I see how this is part of my do-it-all-myself attitude and my control. My inability to humble and ask for help that I need. My habit of taking on another project and working day and night when I could welcome in others to help me carry this.

I said, I can just facilitate more workshops to raise what I need for my album and it’s launch. And yes, it’s true. I can. And I will. But I have already mastered Do It All Myself. And my dear pal questioned me, ‘What about all your connections that love you and your work and cannot attend a workshop and that would love to support you right now?’ She was right. And I softened. And I decided to run the POZIBLE campaign. And I am still confronted by it but I am doing it anyway, because I know there is Truth in it. I know that it’s time for us to work together. More and more.

Please, dear family.

Please visit my campaign on POZIBLE named PACHAMAMA PLEDGE. This is the name of my album that I am endeavouring to record this August. With your help. For every donation, there is a reward. There is exchange. This is not just money given freely for nothing in return.

I pray that you give your help to me and that you can share this campaign with other people that might feel the energy of my offering and may want to help me also. Can I ask that of you? Could you share this with your network? I know there are people out there who may not even now me but may feel inspired to support this music, this heart, this message. Please CLICK BELOW.


I believe in angels. I believe in us, and I believe that we are freeing our Planet. Bit by bit. We are doing it.

I pledge myself to doing it more and more, with my voice, with my heart, with my music, with my stories.

I believe in our children. I want them to grow in Love and Fearlessness.

I want to inspire the mamas and the papas, the future mamas and the future papas.

I carry the mountain magic and the condor song.

I carry the timeless African shamaness beat, the Apache courage and the flamenco soul and passion.

I open up to the nothingness of Love and our Ascended Master Lady Nada for my journey.

I give thanks to all my relations, all my darling friends and family all around the world that continually flow me love, respect and support.

I give thanks to my children, for taking me on the most sacred journey of all. Motherhood.

I understand Pachamama’s plight through my motherhood.

I understand the wildness of Nature through my emotions.

The power of woman is strong.

Denying her in yourself is foolish.

Her mysteries are the Universe’s birthplace. The womb of creation. The nothingness before Form.

As Lovers, we unite as one. She and He. Within me.

Its our Time to Shine now. My time. Your time.

Nobody does what you do better.

Let’s go!

The Angels are (with) us.


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